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Yes, it may be getting colder, but with that chill comes a warming electric feel that only the beginning of the winter season can bring.  You can almost hear party engines revving with the excitement of delicious food to come.  Winter storms can shuffle menus with just a snap of Jack Frost’s fingers, so get your turtle doves in a row and begin your prep now so that you can keep the bells jingling all the way! 
West Coast Halibut season is behind us, but that doesn’t mean the Halibut party has to stop.  We have beautiful, refreshed West Coast fish available.  These fish were instantly frozen at peak condition and are expertly slacked out to order by our production team.  If you have to have a fresh option, try our Farmed Halibut.  This fish is sustainably farmed in Norway and cuts out beautifully with extended shelf life since they are harvested to order. 
Florida must be seeing red because we are getting some beautiful domestic Red Snapper and Red Grouper from our southern neighbors.  We don’t mind taking all of their delicious fish off their hands, especially when these species are running so fresh.  Both are caught hook and line and the crispy bright skin is not only delectable, but also wraps the plate like a brilliant, tasty red ribbon. 
Oh my, Ono! We are getting some beautiful Ono this week from Ecuador.  These fish are running 8 pounds and larger and are cutting out beautifully.  They taste like a cross between mahi and tuna and can be a very meaty grill option.  King Mackerel is another meaty fish we will see this week.  Coming out of Florida, these “king of the macks” are also running over 8 pounds each and have a delectable, assertive flavor. 

Nothing gets patrons more excited about dining out than luxuriant specials and this is the season to step outside the mundane.  We offer daily, exclusive items such as Caviar, Sable, Sturgeon, Dover Sole and Turbot, though quantities are limited.  Now is the time to begin thinking about pre-ordering your items so that your masterpieces can manifest.  Don’t get caught without a fish, talk to your sales rep today.  There can be many delays during this time of year, and demand is at its highest, so the more time we have to procure your items, the better chance you have of completing your vision.


Gourmet Grab

If your dream is to escape the cold and pay no mind to Old Man Winter's effect on the availability of fresh food,  relax and be swept away to Galicia with its miles of prestine coastline and world renowned culinary scene, specifically seafood.  Those that have visited are awed by the sea, and many claim that it is one of the most exciting destinations for seafood on the planet.

Based off the Galician coast, Mariscadora - Costas y Miñán, S.L. specializes in the production of high quality, gourmet tinned seafood.  Founded in 1966 Costas y Miñán was and has been specializing in conservas from the beginning.  They use the best seafood from the area and traditional methods of preservation with their own recipes to tin the best catches.  With over three generations overseeing the company, the experience, time and tradition shows through in the products.

From Galician Clams and Stuffed Squid to Sardines and Mackerel, Mariscadora - Costas y Miñán offers a wide range of tinned products that represent some of the best tinned seafood in the area, and they are available year round- no seasonality.   

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