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Summer has begun and with July sitting on deck, it’s hard to imagine that we have made it here in one piece.  But here we are, the fish are running, the kegs are pumping, and it looks like we will get our party on in the masked face of some indelible odds.  In a world of mixed messages, trepidation, and immediate judgement, sometimes keeping the party going is all you can, or need, to do.
Mahi Mahi has tightened up significantly on all fronts.  South American and Domestic fish have taken a summer swoon, to the extreme disappointment of many a grill and taco joint.  No problem here though, just when the Mahi disappear, the Amberjack and Wahoo swim in to take their place.  Both species are running off our East Coast and you will find them to be delectable, perfect substitutions for the pricier Mahi.  The Amberjack are being landed with good size, fish are averaging 20 pounds each and cutting very clean.  The Wahoo, aka Ono, are averaging about 15 pounds each and coming in very fresh.
King Salmon is finally being landed with some volume out of Southeast Alaska, with a good shot of it coming from Petersburg.  We have gill net Kings that are averaging over 10 pounds each and cutting cherry red.  Now is the time for grilling these wonderful fish, the fat content and flavor are just right.
The docks are running red with Snapper this week.  We are carrying American Red and Onaga Snappers out of Florida.  We have all sizes and shapes of the American Red Snappers.  The Onagas, aka Queen or Ball Bat Snappers, are averaging 3 pounds each and offer a bright red, ruby color.  If you want a break from the red, we also have Yellowtail Snappers available.  You can almost taste the rainbow!
With July 4th approaching, I feel like we’ve touched on the red and white, so it’s only apt that we talk about the blue – Bluefish, that is.  It appears that the summer Bluefish bite is on in the Mid-Atlantic, so it’s time to take advantage while the lines are taught.  These delicious, tricky fish are known to disappear and lose their appetite at a moment’s notice, so consider this a fire-work sale. 
Gourmet Grab 

The weather suddenly got hotter, the lawns are a little less green and July 4th is just around the corner.  Most folks will be celebrating summer and this National Holiday in a safer way outside social distancing with friends and family eating delicious food.    
A few standbys for offering you customers looking to entertain friends and family come to mind.   First off, is the simple crowd pleaser of chips and salsa. Fortune has your salsa options covered with Two Men and a Garden (yes, you read that correctly). This St. Louis based company started out with two neighbors that decided to turn their back yards into a large garden.  While the garden and the source for their raw product has grown, the painstakingly way of hand filling every single jar of salsa hasn’t.  Still made by hand, this line of salsa’s has you covered from the mild and fruit-based salsas to their crazy hot salsa they call screaming hot. 
To curb the heat and quench their thirst you customers will need beverages for their social gatherings. Wisco Pop is a line of organic sodas that use only cane sugar to sweeten and hit the spot on a hot day.  Their line of beverages they call Sparkle is perfect for those without a sweet tooth.  Simply made they make the Sparkle line with sparkling water and organic fruit juice.  They are super low in natural sugar.

For folks that stay up into the deep hours of the night star gazing and wake up to a blazing hot morning or those early risers that need a midmorning pick me up, hot coffee might not be the most appealing.  The perfect choice for those customers is the cold coffee of champions… cold brew.  Fortune’s cold brew from the local company Cadence Cold Brew is not your everyday cold break.  Besides using the finest coffee beans, they infuse the cold brew with Nitro for a smooth finish.  With three different flavors to choose from its all flavor and no additives for this smooth start to the morning.   

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