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New recipes, old friends, Insta-stars, holidays, National BBQ month…no matter what the reason is, they are all good for getting people motivated to expand their culinary horizons.  Many of life’s little commercial pleasures have been stripped from us, but it’s undeniable that people not only have to eat, but they also really enjoy it.  It’s one of those innate desires that brings us satisfaction and delight.  So, in that spirit, here are some options that will deliver a smile to the table.
The Copper River Salmon Season begins later this week on the 14th, but you don’t have to wait until then for Wild Salmon.  Wild, Troll-Caught King Salmon is available now from California and Oregon.  These fish are running 8-12 pounds and are coming in beautiful with good fat.  There’s no telling when we will see our first Copper River fish or how this season is going to pan out.  It’s too early to tell if the season will be affected by the virus or if the runs will be enough to garner good fishing, so stay tuned for more updates.
The beautiful thing about Nature is that she keeps doing Her thing; Spring is a train that won’t be derailed.  A good example is the shiny colorful Mahi-Mahi that are running up the East Coast as we speak.  Head-on domestically caught Mahi began hitting the docks late last week, and we should expect a good 2-3 weeks of fishing.  These are hook-and-line caught and are some of the best Mahi of the season.  The fresh fillets look great in a case and are inexpensive enough to make some great tacos to go.
Spanish Mackerel are also migrating up from Florida into the Carolinas.  Now is a great time to get your omega-3 fix by eating these superfood fishes.  Mackerel are high in essential oils and vitamins and offer a flavor-packed punch that will turn your grilling game up a few torches. 
Grouper continues to be a bargain out of Florida.  Supply and prices are at some all-time great levels.  Day-boats continue to pack fish, so now is a great time to support the Florida fishermen and take advantage of the afflicted demand.  Red Grouper, a traditional favorite, are averaging 5 pounds and larger and are coming in with extended shelf-life due to smaller boats making quick turnarounds.

It’s Spring, Mother Nature is on the move, and we are all anxious to get out and get going.  People are looking for joy and nothing says happiness like a full belly and an empty plate.  If you make it delicious, they will come.


Gourmet Grab

It's Spring, National Barbeque Month and Memorial Day is right around the corner.  As we work to get the food service industry back in action, Fortune has some heat and serve packaged meats that can help simplify this process.  Lillie's Q not only makes some of the tastiest BBQ Sauces around, but also packaging their smoked pulled pork shoulder in a ready to heat bag. It is available in 7.5 lb or 1 lb bags.  This makes a great to-go option for customers to heat at home.  Throw in some Lillie's Q chips and Tribeca Brioche buns and you have created a tasty BBQ to-go offering. Don’t forget the other BBQ favorite, Waghal’s USDA Prime Smoked Brisket in a ready to heat and serve package too.

In keeping with the BBQ theme, we have an extensive selection of sausage offerings, from Chef Martin’s Old World Butcher Shop and Big Fork Brands to Bilinkski and AmyLu, many of these options are available in bulk for you to cook up for your customers, or in a retail pack if you’re creating a BBQ to go kit. May we suggest Beirut Bakery sides for your BBQ bash.  They have prepared chickpea salad or tabouli to keep it fresh and light.

This is one spring many will remember, and Fortune Fish & Gourmet is here to help get some of the best food selections in your kitchen and to your customers.


-Photo Courtesy of Alaska Seafood

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