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It appears the heat has beaten summer to the punch as days of hot weather are descending upon us weeks before the season is official.  Things are heating up on the fishing front as well.  Hook and line fish are emerging out of the Gulf and Mid-Atlantic.  West Coast gears are just beginning to turn.  You can find your shelter from the swelter with some cool deals and great specials.
Hook and Line Pompano finally became available this week.  Floridians usually hold on tightly to this species, but we were able to pry some away.  We are getting in plate-sized fish in limited quantities and expect a couple of drops this week.  These fish are extremely flavorful and grill up to perfection when prepared whole.    
California is cooking up some nice bycatch this week.  We are getting some colorful Opah Racks delivered with our Tuna.  Opah is sushi quality and looks brilliant sliced on the plate or grilled to perfection.  It’s a bycatch fish and quantities are always limited, so get your orders in early.
High Swordfish prices peaked last week but are now trickling down as more fish are hitting the market.  It should be a good two weeks of fishing for this summertime favorite.  Along with Tuna, Ono and Opah, we have the fish you need to set the grills on fire!
The Copper River fishery fizzled last week, cooling off with closures and no fish.  Authorities are being extra patient with the fish, waiting for more to pass before re-opening.  Patience has paid off because there is a short 12 hour opening today and we've submitted our wishlist.  In other good news, Resurrection Bay is open, and we should start seeing our first Sockeye from that fishery this week.  On the King front, troll caught fish are the way to go as we are getting streams of fish from California and Alaska.
Wild Striped Bass are making their run up the East Coast.  Rhode Island, New York, and Canada are open and the fish are flowing.  The New York market could put some pressure on pricing for the bigger fish but, as of right now, there is plenty to go around.  This species will be a great special for at least a few weeks.  Stay cool and ride the wave.


Gourmet Gab

Trying to beat the heat in the kitchen?  Take some tips from the Spanish and look no further than the ultimate treat:  Conservas and Potato Chips.  From Galician Cockles and Stuffed Squid to Sardines and Mackerel, Mariscadora - Costas y Miñán offers a wide range of tinned seafood that represent some of the best seafood from the Galicia region.  Matiz’s newly released Smoked Sardines and Mackerel also add that something special to plates. Pair any of these conservas with some Zingerman’s Grey Sea Salt Chips for a taste of Spain with a Midwest kick.

Spanish Paella is traditionally cooked outside over a firepit, making summer the best time to whip up this dish in your backyard or outdoor kitchen. Fortune stocks everything you need, from paella pans and poultry, to saffron and seafood.  We have it all!  Of course, rice is the shining star.  We stock various types in both bulk and retail sizes, to cook up the perfect socarrat (the Spanish term to describe the perfectly cooked delicious crust that forms at the bottom of the paella.)  Paella without saffron is blasphemy, so be sure to try out Rumi Spice’s Saffron.  The company was founded by a group of US military veterans that partnered with Afghan farmers to produce saffron from sustainably farmed flowers. The potency and flavor of this saffron will wow any chef and cut back on the amount needed per dish.

To round out your summer time Spanish meal include an easy side like a Spanish charcuterie board or some tapas. Aceitunas Losada has the most delicious Spanish olives, and they compliment the wide variety of cheeses and cured meats Fortune offers.  Might we suggest Fermin’s selection of jamons, chorizo and salchichons which are a wonderful addition to any meal!

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