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This week would lead you to believe that we are stuck in an unending winter, destined to a Groundhog Day effect of snow, freeze, repeat.  But don’t be fooled, not even on the 1st, because the Spring is coming, and so are the glorious days of sunshine, tanned feet, and fresh seafood.  You can’t wait and neither can we, so why not get started feeling brighter right away?
Our first Soft Shell Crab sighting happened this week.  It is way too early to call the season open, but abnormally warm fronts have caused some crabs to shed on the Eastern Shore.  The official season won’t begin until May 1st, but these pocket offerings will crop up from time to time before then.  Be sure to give us your wish lists ahead of time so that you can capitalize when the lightning strikes.
Great landings of Fluke and Black Bass from NC to RI have produced a nice glut of fresh product in the market.  Both species are running rampant and are menu musts this week, especially for restaurant week specials.  We should see great pricing and availability for at least a couple of weeks. 
One sign that winter is hanging on is the abundance of ice in Canada.  East Coast Canadian Oysters are currently in slim supply due to the ice.  Harvesters are having trouble getting to the delicious bi-valves and need a good melt to get things going.  Hopefully the sun cooperates and temperatures rise, so that we can continue to indulge on one of nature’s tastiest morsels.
Looking for a fatty, white-flaked domestic fish to change up your favorite Cod dish?  We are seeing some beautiful Gulf of Maine Sow Hake.  These fish are harvested with great care and are coming to us from day boat fishermen.  The fillets are thick, and the meat eats very similar to cod, but with a more robust texture and flavor.  Only a fool wouldn’t give it a try!
Gourmet Gab
Spring is officially here, and this isn’t an April Fool’s joke. The flowers are budding, the temps are raising, and everyone has a little extra pep in their step. Fortune has everything you need for a successful spring from grilling necessities to desserts, and everything in between.
As the weather warms up, it’s time to pull those grills out of storage. Nothing accompanies a BBQ better than Chef Martin Sausages. Chef Martin Old World Butcher Shop is a Fortune Exclusive brand that uses authentic recipes from Germany and Austria. Chef Martin makes everything from Bratwursts to Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages. Your customers can’t go wrong with these sausages.
You’re going to need some buns to accompany those sausages, and Euro Classic Imports has just the products you need. Started in 1999 by Damien Rabut, Euro Classic Imports is an importer and distributor of specialty European frozen baked goods. These baked goods come frozen, ready to thaw and serve and are deliciously buttery and authentically French.

You’ve got the sausage, you’ve got the bun, but somethings missing…mustard! Every good sausage needs a good quality mustard to top it off. LocalFolks Foods is a creation from Sheridan, Indiana that emphasizes simple ingredients. Initially created for farmer's markets, their line has expanded to the retail world. They offer salsas, pasta sauces, ketchup, and their Stoneground Xxpress Mustard which is based off a 200-year-old German recipe. 

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