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It’s going to be a good Friday, no fooling.  That’s right, Easter is peeking around the corner, right after April Fool’s Day, ensuring that we will have an enlivened weekend ahead of us.  It’s the last week to get your Friday fish fix – at least, a mandated one – so take advantage of the groovy selection and springy vibes.
Pacific Opah, caught in the USA, is back this week.  This orange fleshed “salmon of the gods” has been on hiatus for quite some time, but we are blessed to have a few select racks coming our way.  Flown direct, these fish are a by-catch from the tuna and sword industry in California and are a gastronomical and visual offering.  Get this limited offering before it is gone.
Red Snapper is a highlight this week, and we have big fish to back it up.  Most of the fish are showing up four pounds and over and fillets are cutting beautifully.  This fish is highly sought-after, especially during the holidays, due to its delicate flavor and scrumptious skin.  There is only one true domestic Red Snapper - don’t be fooled by the various wannabes - and Fortune has the trusted fish and flavor that you can bank on. 
If you are looking for a golden ticket special this week, try our fresh Florida Golden Tilefish.  Each fish is line caught off small, local boats.  Golden Tile has a sweet, crab-like flavor and a meaty texture.  The sweet flavor is attributed to their shellfish-rich diet.  
West Coast Halibut season has gotten off to a slow start, so we are flying fish every day to keep up with demand.  Bad weather and the recently started herring fishery have stalled some landings, but we will have all sizes available to ship this week.  Halibut is a hot commodity, so let your sales team assist you with getting the freshest fish possible. 
Gourmet Gab
As we round the bend from a year of Covid closures that have rocked the restaurant and bar industry, one of the few positives of the last year has been the take home cocktail.  Now some states, like Wisconsin are looking to sign cocktails-to-go into legislation.  Fortune Fish & Gourmet has many tasty mixer options to compliment the home bar or mocktail/cocktail to-go program.

Tippleman’s simple syrups take a lot of the work out of making a cocktail. Designed by bartenders for bartenders, from Burnt Sugar syrup to Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup, the flavors are just what you need to elevate your drink recipes.

Now that brunch is back, refresh the bloody mary bar with one of Fortune’s featured bloody mary mixers.  Bloody Mike makes a nice thick and spicy.  McClure’s brings the classic pickled taste that made their pickles known nationally. Lastly, SuckerPunch Gourmet brings that kick that many love their brunch cocktail.

For those that are less adventurous and would like some of the work done for them or if they are looking for inspiration, enter Bittermilk cocktail mixes.  They make an amazing end cap and a great upsell with bourbon. These mixers are so easy to use and will make anyone look like a master bartender.  Simply follow the directions on the bottle and you are on your way to a world class cocktail.  Bittermilk’s line of cocktail mixers were designed by a group of bartenders out of Charleston, so rest assured they are as traditional as cocktails get. 

Check out Fortune’s gourmet catalog for our full selection of tonics and mixers that are perfect for the to-go cocktail or the home bartender.
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