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Last week we saw our first shipments of Florida Stone Crab Claws and, thankfully, this week there are more in store.  We all have our claws crossed that this year will be better than last year’s abysmal season…- it really was one of the worst in recent history.  So far, it’s been nice to have product for two consecutive weeks.  Prices always start out on the high end, and this year was no different, but we should start to see some relief if catches remain stable.  Typically we see more of the larger sizes during the beginning of the season, with smaller sizes being much more predominant towards seasons’ end.
New York is producing nice, large Wild Striped Bass and Golden Tile this week.  There are a few Massachusetts and southern fish in the market as well, driving prices down to reasonable levels.  This comes just in time, as Black Bass are sparse - only New Jersey is producing right now – and Snapper and Grouper will again be tight this week due to the after effects of the recent hurricane.
The Southern Fluke season is underway, and fish are coming in white bellied and stiff.   We are seeing price relief from previous months on all sizes and the quality is impressive.  Look for Gill Netted, Pound Netted and Trawled fish in the market.
The fall Albacore is displaying nice fat content.  Domestic fish are arriving swollen with flavor, nice bellies with white trim.  This is one of the better times to eat Albacore, with their oil content being higher, and their flavor is peaking.
The East Coast had high winds all weekend and continue to get blasted.  Look for supply to tighten up until the end of the week on some species.  In addition to the weather, Skate quotas were cut for the rest of the year, which could make for some interesting supply movement. 
Lake Trout supply has tightened up this week as fish are no where to be found.  Usually a by-catch of the Whitefish, this week’s high winds are threatening supply of all freshwater species.
Fall usually marks the end of the line for many West Coast species, but you don’t have worry when it comes to Sablefish because Kyuquot Farms has you covered.  Kyuquot Sablefish, also known as Black Cod, is available year-round with astounding quality.  The fish are raised from egg to plate in the pristine open waters in Kyuquot Sound.  They are sashimi quality and pack the same flavorfully rich punch that the wild fish are revered for, making this species a delicious offer for all occasions. 


Gourmet Grab

In Dodgeville, WI, nestled among the ridgetop pastures that make up much of the Driftless region, there sits an industry-renowned farmstead dairy and creamery called Uplands Creamery.  This award-winning creamery, in the past, has only produced two cheeses, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and the fall limited-release, Rush Creek Reserve. 
What new offering could we look forward to when it comes to Uplands this fall?  How about some beautiful whey-fed pork?!  As an outlet for the leftover whey from the cheese-making process, Uplands Creamery is now raising heritage breed pigs on pasture and finishing them on whey for extra marbling.
Uplands Creamery has partnered with a neighboring farmer who raises these Berkshire and Red Wattle/Large Black pigs on his family’s organic pastures at Seven Seeds Farm.  These pigs spend their entire lives rotating through different pastures, munching away on organic apples and acorns, while drinking up to 6 gallons of sweet whey per day (for the last 4-5 months of their lives).
This leads to some of the most beautiful, flavorful, and well-marbled pork available.  The pork has a sweet and buttery flavor profile with a distinct nuttiness, some would say like maple syrup.
Due to the limited quantity and time frame of these unique pigs, we are offering them as whole pigs or broken down into primals, with no individual cuts being offered.  With the option for primal cut, any chef would be able to utilize this delicious pork and offer a great story to their customers.  They are available beginning in November through the middle of December.
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