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There are a multitude of ways to express your love and affection, but nothing says ‘I love you’ and ‘I’m here for you’ like a great meal.  Giving someone sustenance is at the same time a promise and a sacrifice.  The promise is one of support and nurturement.  The sacrifice is one of resources; sharing your plate is the same as sharing your livelihood.  If you decide to display your sentiments with a meal this week in honor of Valentine's Day, or ever, why not do it deliciously.
People have loved Cod for centuries and it’s during these winter months that Cod returns that affection with bounty.  There is no better time to eat Atlantic Cod than right now.  Currently the Norwegian delicacy Skrei Cod is running and over the next couple of weeks this should be on your menu.  These fish are 10+ pounds each, line caught, gently handled, and flown direct to the United States.  They arrive headed and gutted and still in rigor.  To compound the spoils, Massachusetts and Icelandic line-caught Cod are also being hauled in by the ton.  The Icelandic Cod can be purchased in loin form, eliminating waste and giving you the “perfect portion” in each cut.  Whether you opt for the seasonal Skrei, the domestic Massachusetts Cod, or the center of the plate Icelandic Cod, you won’t want to miss out on this species at its peak. 
West Coast Halibut and Sable season is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until March for fresh offerings.  Norway is supplying us with beautiful 10/20-pound fresh Farmed Halibut.  These fish are harvested to order and arrive incredibly crisp.  The flavor profile is almost an exact replica of the West Coast fish, while also giving an extended shelf-life.  Additionally, fresh Wild Atlantic Halibut can be sourced all year long.  You can secure your fresh Sable needs by indulging in the beautiful farm raised Kyuquot Sable.  Kyuquot farms produces Sable in the pristine waters of British Columbia using sustainable methods.  Like the Norwegian Halibut, they are harvested to order and unbeatable in quality. 
February can be a quiet time for many fisheries, but not domestic John Dory.  During the next few weeks supply from Rhode Island and Massachusetts should be steady.  This species is much more cost effective than their European cousins and will make an excellent menu special in the immediate future. 
Lobster pricing has seen an increase the last two weeks due to the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.  Expect larger sized lobsters - 1.5 pounds and higher – to be most affected.  This is standard for this time of year.
Domestic Amberjack will be available for the next three weeks.  Until the end of February, Florida boats will be filling their trip limits and we should see some really spectacular line caught fish.  They range anywhere from 20 to 80 pounds each and can give you fantastically thick, steaky portions.   The bloodlines are bright red due to their freshness and costs will be menu friendly.  This is a limited run and after February we most likely won’t see them again until after April.  Follow the seasons to fall in love with what Nature has to offer. 
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Using quality ingredients is the key to preparing your love ones a great meal this Valentine's Day.  Fortune's Extra Virgin Olive Oils provide the right amount of flavor to elevate any dish, and it’s even more special this time of year as the newest harvest recently arrived. 
Knowing the people behind the product is refreshing, and to see and taste the oil produced with such care is a joy to be shared.  The dynamic brother and sister duo, Juande and Paula, of O-Med combines their passion for extra virgin olive oil with the work, experience and traditions of their father, Juan de Dios.  Their small mill is based in Granada, and all aspects of the production process are controlled, from the harvest to bottling.  For Junade and Paula, it is the only way to guarantee the ultimate quality.  The olives are harvested very early, so they are rich in aromas and complex flavors.  Along with these production techniques, they follow cutting-edge technology to stay on top of quality and sustainability.  The care that is taken with the oils shows through in the flavors and is one of the many reasons why chefs love the oils.

Another power brother and sister duo are Rosa and Paco Vañó, from Castillo de Canena.  Their company takes its name from the family castle nestled in the hills of the township of Canena, in Spain’s Jaén province in the region of Andalusia. Their olive-producing history dates back to 1780, and for 3000 years, olive oil has played a leading role in Spain’s culture and economy, with Jaén seated at the very center. It is here where the family-owned olive trees cover the lovely irrigated farmland and where the olives are harvested for the highest quality extra virgin olive oil of classic varietals such as Picual and Arbequina.

With the newest harvest oils, you’ll find the full bodied, tomato and herbed notes of the Picual olive, and the fruitiness of the Arbequina olives come out.  Each oil adds different notes to dishes, so play around to find what your favorite combination is.  With the chill of winter, a drizzle of oil is sure to add the extra note of warmth to your soul. 
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