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The Fortune Fish & Gourmet Facilities

Fortune Fish & Gourmet's Bensenville headquarters operates in a state of the art, 110,000 square foot facility that includes six separate temperature controlled areas including a finfish storage cooler, shellfish cooler, meat cooler, poultry cooler, dairy room, chocolate room, refrigerated fillet room, freezer, dry storage and loading area.  We house a 3,000 gallon live lobster tank and a band saw for custom frozen product processing.  Fortune Fish & Gourmet operates under the FDA and State Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point guidelines.
Our Minneapolis location is 60,000 square ft including a 15,000 square ft cheese warehouse with a custom cut cheese room. Minneapolis is home to our retail store and cafe, Coastal Seafoods.
Our Gulf States facility is 30,000 square ft and located in Bayou La Batre, the heart of the shrimp industry in Alabama. 
We have two distribution centers in Missouri. One in Kansas City and one in St. Louis. Kansas City's facility is SQF certified and 30,000 square ft. St. Louis' facility is 17,000 square ft. 
Fortune International's Neesvig's fulfillment center in  DeForest, Wisconsin, has over three decades of experience.  They have developed an extensive history as experts and leaders in the frozen food fulfillment industry.  There are three different facitilites and over 70,000 square feet of climate-controlled shipping and storage space, giving us the space and capacity to handle just about any project.  In addition to the abundant space, other key capabilities include:
  • Pooled shipping costs to negotiate the lowest carrier rate possible
  • Custom cutting, packaging, and light assembly of portion controlled beef, poultry, lamb and seafood
  • Kitting of multiple items
  • Pick and Pack
  • Inventory Management
  • 10,000 Pallet Slots
  • Seamless order processing from received order to delivered package
For more information please visit our Food Service Fulfillment Website.


All the food products distributed by Fortune Fish & Gourmet are produced in adherence to the Code of Federal Regulations referred to as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulations established by the Food and Drug Administration.  Fortune Fish & Gourmet has developed and adheres to several rigorous HACCP plans to assure customer safety and to exceed U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations. In addition to our HAACP Plan, Fortune follows Good Manufacturing Practices and has written and executes Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures.  Although not required, we believe these procedures are crucial to employ an effective HACCP plan.
Fortune Fish & Gourmet is audited annually by multiple independent agencies to assess our compliance with local, state and federal safety and sanitation requirements.  These independent organizations often audit on behalf of our customers to make sure that their requirements, which often go beyond government standards, are satisfied.  
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