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The official start of summer is only two weeks away, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for the calendar to tell us when to start the festivals…or the construction.  There’s a buzz already in the air, and the fishermen are playing their best conductor, keeping our menus on beat to the tune of beautiful fish.  Here’s what’s at the top of the charts this week.
The Great Lakes fishermen are on Lake Trout this week.  Look for supremely fresh product and friendly pricing on this species.  Hauls are expected to be copious.  A mid-western favorite, Lake Trout is a great way to snag the attention of tourists and locals alike.
With the warm weather comes the grilling season, and since we only have a short window, we should not to let any of it go to waste.  Take advantage of the bountiful Swordfish and Mahi Mahi being offered right now.  Both species are at historic levels for this time of year and the market is responding with some great deals on really fresh product.  If you are looking to add something new to the barbie, try your hands at Opah, Ono, or Spanish Mackerel.  Expanding is always better than substituting, so don’t feel as though you must pick just one species to highlight.
The Long Island Black Bass season is just starting to bloom, and we are expecting some stunners this week from hook and line boats.  The Fluke season, however, is taking a little longer to get going and it will be another week before we see a better supply.  Fishing will get going after the 10th of June, so before then we could see a slight struggle to get enough fish.  Until then it will depend on how hot it gets for our suppliers down south to determine how much fish gets caught. 
Farmed Kyoquot Sound Sable Fish is an excellent high-end species to highlight during the summer.  These fish are sushi quality and consistently pristine when they arrive.  Kyuquot Sable is an outlier fish; it is rich yet light, dense yet silky.  It’s a delicate fish that’s impervious to over-cooking and a showstopper that excels in quality and flavor.  Available year round, this species is a perfect complement to sparkling wines during the hot summer months.
The Wild Salmon season is humming along with plenty of fish in the forecast this week.  We are waiting on some openers across Alaska, but if the Copper River Season is a good harbinger, things are looking good for the summer.  We have some really nice California Troll-Caught King Salmon here that should not be overlooked, so if you want to get into the Wild King game, they are a great place to start.  It looks like the weather and the pavement aren’t the only things heating up!


Gourmet Grab

While we’re looking forward to the summer species of fish, we’re going back to some classics in the cheese department with our newly expanded English & Irish cheese portfolio.

For those looking for a true Stilton, look no further than Cropwell Bishop.  As a family run business, the Skailes have been operating in the diary world since the mid-1800s.  They began making Blue Stilton in the 1920s (back when they were called Somerset Creameries), and then in the early 1980s it was decided to focus all the funds into Cropwell Bishop to make it the world-class diary it is today.  The Blue Stilton has a rich tangy flavor, with a velvety-soft texture.  This handcrafted method has changed very little over the years, which allows the Stilton to develop its unique flavor.

Along with Stilton, England is known for their cheddars, and the Barber’s 1833 cheddar fills that spot.  The Barber family has been making cheddar since 1833 (hence the name), which makes them the oldest surviving cheddar-makers in the World!  Hello trivia points!  The Vintage Reserve has a creamy texture and a smooth finish and contains naturally occurring crystals that give it a distinctive crunch.  Yes, please.

For flavored cheeses to spice up your life, the Red Dragon Cheddar is great for a board or a burger.  An English Cheddar that’s carefully blended with wholegrain mustard seed and ale, this cheese has a little kick to it without being overpowering. 


Then there’s the ever-popular Sage Derby cheese, which is a variety of the British Derby that’s been infused with sage to produce a beautiful green marbling effect, with just a subtle herb flavor. 


And let’s not leave out those Irish cheeses.  The Cahill Family have been producing artisan Irish cheeses for over four generation.  All the cheeses are made on the family farm in Country Limerick and are traditionally made.  With the Irish Porter, Irish Whiskey and Red Wine, these cheeses are another option for your case or your board that will make everyone smile.

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