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Once again, it’s that time of the year to hang the white jeans in the back of the closet and retire the seersuckers until next season.  Labor Day is upon us and, with it, the closing ceremonies of summer will begin.  Midwesterners aren’t known for quitting on summer too early, so I don’t think the beach will be barren before the weather turns.  I also know for sure that the people who work in the food industry never take days off, so no matter what the holiday is, we all will be continuing to work to produce the best products and tastiest food that we can share.  It may be Labor Day, but no one’s taking a break from a labor of love.
Fishermen are at work in Florida and the Yellowtail Snappers are back on the bite.  Fish are coming in like diamonds, mostly 1-2 pounds in size, perfect for plate-size entrees.  These fish are tremendously sweet with a velvety flesh.  The bright, colorful skin highlights the dish and crisps up to perfection.  We should have these fish throughout the rest of the year, barring the occasional hurricane.
We were lucky enough to grab some highly coveted Florida Pompano this week.  Quantities are always limited with this species, but we have a good shot of 1-2-pound fish to offer.  Pompano have a rich, buttery flavor and firm meat, making it an ideal fish to grill or sear. 
Red Grouper has tightened up quite dramatically this week, but do not fear, we will have fish to supply you.  When temperatures cool and boats start fishing closer to shore, we will see an uptick in catch, but for the next couple of weeks expect a tight market.  We do have some lovely deep water line-caught Yellowedge and Snowy Grouper to substitute for the Red species. 
It looks like the Sockeye Salmon Season is over for us.  We needed to get out before the quality suffers, but don’t worry, because Yukon Keta, Coho, and King Salmon are continuing to show up looking great.  The fishermen are steady at work and we should have some species of Wild Salmon well into September.  It seems the fish never take breaks, so it makes sense that neither do we.  Whether or not you get a rest day this week, we want to say we are thankful for every link in the chain that gets the love to the plate.


Gourmet Grab

As summer winds down and farmer markets are bursting with the beginning bountiful harvests, kitchens nationwide are beginning the ritual of the savory canning and pickling season.  Luckily for us this labor of love, traditionally done by home cooks quietly in their kitchen as they stock their pantries for the upcoming winter, has been shared with us to deliver to our customers all over the Midwest.  Don’t wait to tap into your pantry’s store-room, Here are two of our favorite companies making some great products. 

Hailing to us from the great Northwest, Mama Lil’s Peppers pack as much punch as one can into a jar.  Traditionally made in the ‘Old Country’, immigrants have been canning these in both oil and brine for centuries.   Whether you choose the Pickled Sweet Peppas or the Pickled Kick Butt peppers, one can find a heat level that will add flavor to every meal.  They are perfect on their own or great added to a salad or on top of a burger. 

Coming across Lake Michigan to us are the jarred salsas from Food for thought.  Nestled in the fertile farm country in the northern Lower peninsula in Michigan, whatever they don’t grow on their farms they find in the forest or buy from a local Michigan farm.   With three flavors of salsas to choose from and a company that puts love into everything they make, one should find a salsa to fit their mood.  Whether you like the cherry salsa with northern Michigan tart/sweet cherries, the classic garden salsa, or a touch of southern in the black bean and corn salsa, one cannot go wrong in choosing a mate for their favorite corn chip.

We recommend you check out our online catalog for the rest of the tasty jarred vegetable and fruit products that we carry from small producers that put love into every jar.

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