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Fromi Group is a family company dedicated to sourcing traditional and unique French Cheeses. Fromi was founded in 1969 with the simple objective to promote traditional specialty cheeses in particular AOP cheeses, cheeses with protected geographical status. Fromi has very close relationships with producers to bring you the most exclusive and seasonal specialty cheeses.


Brebirousse d'Argental

Brebirousse d’ Argental (which literally means red sheep in French) is a soft ewe’s milk cheese with an annatto tinted molded outer rind. Brebirousse develops a very soft paste, rich flavor and a slight tang. With its smooth spreadable consistency, this gooey cheese is a crowd pleaser.
F0100190 · Pasteurized · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 2.2 lb. Block

Camembert Royal Faucon

The Camembert de Caractere (as the name suggest, a Camemert of character) is more than a simple cheese: it has become one of the symbols of French gastronomy. Camembert tends to be strong on the palate, woody, fruity, tender and soft. For more than two centuries, the small round cheese has been part of the psyche of an entire people and part of the national heritage. This petite wheel of fresh cheese would brighten up any holiday party. Camenbert De Caractere pairs well with fall fruits and Cabernet Sauvignon or Brouilly wines. Since the 1890s, it has been packaged in small boxes made of poplar wood. 

F0100250 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 8 oz. 

Délice des Crémiers

This vineyard cheese is slightly spicy and comes in a wooden box.  It spends 10-14 days ripening in cellars, then continues to ripen in the wooden box for another two weeks.  It hails as one of the most beautiful cheese from the Burgundy region.

F0100220 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 3.8 lb 


Petit Basque 

F0100280 · Pasteurized· Sheep's Milk · Firm · Wheel · 1.5 lb 

Ossau Iraty

Ossau stands as one of the most pairable cheeses around; made from sheep’s milk.

F0100040 · Pasteurized · Sheep's Milk · Semi Hard · Wheel · 9.9 lb

Brie Fermier Excellence

A farmstead brie that is aromatic, rich and smooth.  A bloomy rind brie made in the small village of la Boissiere Ecole in France.  Produced in a traditional manner where the curd is cut and stirred by hand, and hand turned while maturing in the cellar.

F0100100 · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 2.2 lb

Camembert Marie Harel

F0100260 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 12/9 oz.

Raclette Milledom

A semi-hard cheese, made from pasteurized cow‘s milk. After a minimum of 8 weeks maturation, the cheese has a thin rind whose hue can vary from golden to light brown with some grey spots. This cheese that melts in the mouth has a fruity flavor.

F0100061 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Wheel · 14 lb

Comte Elegance Marcel Petit

Fruity, delicate. For the cheese board, alone or with a more pronounced Comté, in salads, or on a picnic.

F0100132 · Raw · Cow's Milk · Firm · Quarter Cut · 22 lb

Brie Mon Sire

Soft paste cheese with a bloomy rind made with pasteurized milk, produced in Vosges. Creamy texture thanks to a rather high fat content and a very mild flavor.

F0100171 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft ·  7 lb

Vacherousse d'Argental

Smooth and creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. The rind of the cheese is first washed with salt water, and then during the 2 weeks of maturation, the white mold rind develops. The dough is very creamy and unfolds delicate aromas.

F0100200 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft ·  4.4 lb

Pico Affine

The Pico Affiné is a small goat’s camembert with natural rind covered with yeast. It matures 8 days at the manufacturer’s and can mature further in its packaging. It has an intense and spicy taste of goat’s cheese.

F0100545 · Pasteurized · Goat's Milk · Soft · 6/3.5 oz.


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