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The festival of lights begins this weekend and, hopefully, in a few weeks Santa will find his way, as we sure could use some hope and cheer, not to mention a sleigh full of vaccines.  It is the season for merriment and no pandemic should get in the way, even one that has outstayed its welcome.  It’s time to put the negativity behind us and look to appreciate the day in front of us.  What a wonderful world - it can be. 
Deck the halls with Wild Striped Bass!  Beautiful, bright fish are showing up, most are still in rigor.  These beauties will be available now through the holidays.  The market looks great for this item and should be a menu consideration.
Ho, ho, Ono! That’s right, Ono is back in stock and the fish are firm with great color.  This steaky fish is great for searing, grilling, and makes a killer taco.  Headed and gutted, each Ono is averaging 15 pounds dressed with cherry bloodlines. 
Looking for a fresh Pacific Halibut alternative?  We have fresh Norwegian Farmed Atlantic Halibut ready to cut.  The fish are head-on, 10 pounds plus and are filleting out with bright white flesh.  The quality is pristine, the fish are harvested to order, and you will get extended shelf-life with this premium species.
The holidays are the time to indulge and nothing says glamour and excess like Caviar!  Sure, there will be a few humbugs this year, but many, if not most, will be looking to loosen up some suppressed excitement with a little extravagance.  Don’t get caught with an empty cooler and disappointed customers, start getting your Caviar orders in today.  Ordering and shipping deadlines have increasingly tightened, so it’s best to reserve your specialty items ASAP.  We have what you need to jingle all the way! 


Gourmet Gab

Holidays are usually peak season for celebratory foods and lavish dinners in people’s homes and around a dining table at a restaurant.  This year will look much different in how these foods are consumed, but we still have plenty of cause to celebrate.

Takeout in many states is the name of the game.  Putting together a charcuterie platter to-go would be a great idea/add-on for some convenient holiday cheer.   May we suggest pairing cheeses that come in small packages along with a box of Rustic Bakery Crackers, a stick of salami from our friends at Tempesta, Olympia Provisions or Creminelli, and a small jar (1.5 oz.) of Quince and Apple’s preserves.   Some of our favorite small format cheeses are from company’s like Marin French, Sweet Grass Dairy, Marieke Gouda, Beehive and Hooks just to name a few.

Another fun take out idea would be wrapping our super tasty Petit Truffle Brie (4 oz.) from Marin French in a puff pastry and sending along some heating instructions.    It makes a great appetizer for a family this holiday season. 

The holiday season is also a huge season for pies.  Recently, Fortune has added a frozen pie line from the folks at Village Pie Maker.  They pair scratch made pie crust with fresh, never canned pie fillings.   We have three flavors with more on the way: strawberry rhubarb, peach, and apple.  These are great to bake-off and sell to your customers, or to have in your freezer section for customers to take home and bake fresh.  They are all-natural with no preservatives, so they are as close to Grandma’s Pies as possible. 

Just as the ocean is teeming with delicious seafood, we have tons and tons of great products to help your customers bring JOY to their holiday season even with all that is going on in the world.  Check out our BRAND NEW catalog for the most up to date specialty food items. 

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