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A new year means new opportunities, whether that be innovative dining or the playoffs, we are ready to write the next chapter.  Staying healthy is at the top of many resolution lists and it all starts with diet.  We are here to enliven everyone’s to-do list and help you prove that eating well can be a delicious endeavor. 
Looking for a low-fat, high protein morsel that is as sweet as sugar-yet-as savory as butter?  Try our Fortune brand Natural Sea Scallops.  Scallops are truly nature’s candy and the winter months are the best time to indulge due to all their tantalizing stored sugars.  Sear them to get the perfect caramelization and unlock their yummy goodness. 
West Coast weather is hindering the Dover and Rockfish catch, but you can count on peak season East Coast species to buffer your menu.  Staples like Monkfish, Skate, and Cod are readily available throughout the winter.  Also look to strike on deals with Wild Striped Bass, Black Bass and Fluke.  The market can fluctuate with the harsh winter storms, but week-in and week-out these items will be safer bets.
This week we will see a disruption of Swordfish supply.  Many fishermen took the weekend off for the New Year and product is trickling to market slowly.  Prices will be unusually high for this familiar fish until the supply calms initial demand.
Specialty items like Live Scallops, Livers, and sushi grade fish could be a little harder to get in the new year.  Please make sure to give us as much notice as possible to procure the very best for your needs.  It’s a new world, with new obstacles, but we can meet it together, head-on, with new eyes and fresh minds.


Gourmet Gab

Well finally we are done with the year 2020, the new year is here.  We have nothing but hope and good days ahead for all of us in 2021.  The vaccine has arrived, and we should back to the normal soon.


Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and Fortune has some great products available to you.  Starting with our favorite, the Heart Shaped Macarons.  These macarons from Belgium have an almond shell and rich ganache fillling.  They are made with 100% all-natural ingredients.  The macarons arrive frozen so you can take out just what you need for freshness. The heart shaped macarons come in two flavors, raspberry and a vanilla with strawberry. In addition to the heart shaped macarons we carry regular shaped macarons in five flavors- vanilla, raspberry, salted caramel butter, pistachio and chocolate.


Another beloved item this time of year is our mini Madelines in chocolate, citrus and crème brulee.  These traditional French madelines are made using cage-free eggs, French butter and no artifical colors or flavors. We have many more products available for you in the pastry segment, just check with your Fortune Fish & Gourmet sales representative.

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