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It’s the first week of January, so that means you are still steadfast about those New Year’s resolutions.  Strong efforts will be made, but many of the promises we make to ourselves for change just aren’t tenable.  This year, instead of joining that way too expensive gym or navigating some extreme, lifestyle-altering diet, start being a better you by simply swapping out the proteins on your plate a few times a week and drink better water.  It’s that easy to be healthier. 

The quality of the New England Groundfish such as Cod, Monk, Skate, Hake, Pollack, and Haddock is impeccable this time of year.  It’s always great to see Whole Cod arrive with bright green color and still in rigor.  Cold weather fish can always be counted on to give a chef a few more days of shelf-life in the fridge.  Wild weather could disrupt East Coast Finfish and Shellfish, but if that happens look farther south and you will find more good options such as Mahi Mahi, Pacific Grouper and Corvina.  Winter is always a good season for these species, the quality is very reliable and so is the catch.

There are many species whose quotas reset after the new year, including Snapper and Grouper.  Expect light landings to start the year, as usually there are a few bumps in the supply chain during January, but eventually the catch will resume.  This week we have a solid inventory of some last-minute catch that will keep your coffers full.
We are now moving into the end of the prime Lobster season and supply will soon get very tight.  During this time the last few Lobsters will be harvested and the bulk of what is supplied will come from product that was wet-stored.  Prices will creep up until the spring, reaching highs around the middle and end of March.  Careful on your purchasing predictions during this span, there could be some major dollar signs behind the market. 
Pacific Rockfish is back on the menu as fisheries are back up and rolling.  Delicious fillets are being offered and pricing is very favorable.  Look for this species to be an option the next few weeks. 

John Dory from Rhode Island is expected to be in good supply over the next few weeks.  If you are looking for a versatile fish with some notoriety behind its name, check out this species.  Dory makes for a great special during this time of year. 

Seafood is the perfect protein to jump start you on a viable path toward healthier living.  Eating more Fish and Shellfish is proven to be a healthier alternative to land-based protein and you don’t have to overthink it.  Incorporating more seafood into your menu can have life-altering results for your guests while adding an enticing selection that separates your food from the crowd. 


Gourmet Grab

New Year, New You, and why not start that off with better water this year. 


From the volcanic rocks of Garrotxa Natural Park, comes an option for hydration from Sant Aniol.  Their water is filtered for thousands of years through the volcanic rocks providing the highest level of purity and a rich mineral content.  Available in both still and sparkling formats, the water is clean tasting and refreshing.  Sant Aniol is served at some of the top restaurants throughout the world. 
Drinking Vichy Catalan is a culinary experience, and the brand is legendary among Spanish mineral waters.  Vichy Catalan emerges from the 140 F hot spring in the Catalan region of Spain slightly sparkling, and with some of the highest mineral concentrations of any sparkling water.  The high mineral level of this spring is the reason the company was founded as a health spa in the early 1900s. Over the years, it was proven that the water's high level of minerals has medicinal properties and health benefits.  More great reasons to drink sparkling more often.   Font d’Or is the still water counterpart to Vichy Catalan.  The Font d’Or is guaranteed to have the same mineral composition as it comes from a single source in the Montseny-Guilleries massif (a compact group of mountains in Catalonia).  Vichy Catalan and Font d’Or were declared “Historic Waters of Spanish Gastronomy,” a prestigious title with many contenders.
Why stop at drinking water?  Mediterranea Seawater is bringing seawater back to the kitchen!  Their patented seawater-purifying process uses science-based methods to offer an ancient approach to cooking and eating, great taste and healthy living.  Use anywhere you’d add dry salt to water for an enhanced taste and added minerals.
“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” -W.H. Auden
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