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Marieke Gouda Cheese

Thorp, Wisconsin

Marieke Penterman, an expert licensed cheesemaker, and her team handcraft traditional Dutch Goudas using the time-tested, Old World, cheesemaking methods Marieke brought with her when she emigrated from the Netherlands. The Holland’s Family Cheese team transforms farmstead-fresh, raw cow’s milk from their own cows on the family-farm into award-winning cheese, which is then carefully cured on imported Dutch pine planks in temperature and humidity-controlled aging cellars.



Marieke Golden Mature

Raw Cow’s Milk · Semi-Firm

Q2700310 · 5 lb ¼ Wheel 
Q2700300 · 20 lb Wheel 
Q2700900 · 5 oz. Pre-cut


Young Gouda {Aged 2–4 Months}

Creamy and buttery with slight sweet notes.  Raw cow's milk.

Q2700020 · 5 lb 
Q2700010 · 20 lb 

Mature Gouda {Aged 6–9 Months}

Rich and full flavored with a subtle bite and caramel notes.

Raw Cow’s Milk · Firm

Q2700080 ·  5 lb ¼ Wheel
Q2700070 · 20 lb Wheel 
Q2700910 · 5 oz. Pre-cut
* ACS 2015 2nd place winner


Foenegreek Gouda

Sweet and nutty with flavor notes reminiscent of maple syrup. Raw cow's milk.

Q2700370 · 20 lb wheel
Q2700500 · 5 oz Pre-Cut  
* ACS 2015 1st place winner


Cumin Gouda

Distinctly spiced, yet subtly sweet. Raw cow's milk.

Q2700360 · 20 lb Wheel
Q2700800 · Cumin · 5 oz Pre-Cut 
*ACS 2015 2nd place winner


Mustard Melange

Aged 2-4 months, this earthy gouda is flanked by both black and yellow mustard seeds.

Q2700950 · Mustard Melange · 5 oz Pre-Cut 

Overjarige {2 Year +}

Raw Cow's Milk · Firm
Q2700210 · 5 lb ¼ Wheel 
Q2700200 · 20 lb Wheel


Smoked Gouda

Q2700080 · 20 lb Wheel
Q2700700 · 5 oz Pre-Cut 


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