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We gained an hour last weekend for maybe the last time, and November seems to be using it to sleep in.  The month has started out quiet and this week there’s a full moon, blistering wind, and cooling weather – the perfect mixtape of incoming winter.  It’s also the perfect reason to pull out your patio heaters or get the fire pit going, and make some delicious food.  If that doesn’t warm you, the libations will.  Here’s some information to help you navigate the weeks before the holiday.
Swordfish has tightened up quite a bit.  The Canadian season is ending, domestic fish is dry, and the import market is barren.  This dearth will last into next week and you can expect pricing to be on the rise until the market balances.  This is common around the full moon, and we should see fishing begin to pick up next week.  If it’s on the menu, we advise to keep your inventory a couple of days ahead and to get with us on incoming supply for this week and the beginning of next. 
Even though the West Coast Halibut season is slated to go into December, storms may cause fishing to wrap up prematurely.  Many plants are moving workers out of Alaska in the next couple of weeks and shutting down operations due to the bad weather and weak catch.  The East Coast season is year-round, so we will have some fresh catch, but that too is subject to winter weather.  We will have our first shot of 2022 MSC Frozen Alaskan Halibut available starting next week.  We have an excellent refresh program that produces gorgeous fillets that cut out just like fresh fish.  The H&G fish are frozen directly after harvest and are shipped to us in the round, ensuring the best quality.  Check out our refreshed product to see the difference our process makes on the consistency of the fillet.
November means that Nantucket Bay Scallops – nature’s candy – are back in season.  The Bays are finally back, and we are seeing select shots and limited offerings.  It’s still early, so prices are at a premium, but if you want to get in on the sweetest scallop mother has to offer, you need to get your order in early.  Due to the high costs and scant supply, we are only bringing in a very small amount until the season kicks into high gear. 
Gourmet Gab

Not everyone needs to invest in a wood-fire pizza oven in order to menu a mind blowing pizza or should we say Pinsa! NEW to the Fortune Fish & Gourmet portfolio, Pinsa is the Roman ancestor of pizza that comes from the latin term "pinserie" which means "to crush, to grind, to beat."  Pinsa contains olive oil, sea salt, yeast, and a blend of three high-quality flours: wheat, rice and soy.  Pinsa is sold as a 28 count case of frozen fully baked crusts. Simply thaw, add toppings, and bake in an oven 5-7 minutes at 500 degrees.  As for toppings, the sky is the limit, but might we suggest you start with San Marzano Tomatoes, Farmerette Ovoline fresh Mozzarella, Olli Salumeria Sopressata, and a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey. 

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