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This week the spookiness is foreboding with Friday being the 13th and then Saturday following it up with a full moon.  It’s almost as if October is knocking on the door.  Don’t be afraid though, we still have two weekends of summer to enjoy before the fall, and hopefully the brighter days decide to stay a bit longer.  Here are some updates so you don’t have to fear the unknown.
Full moons usually disrupt the catch of many species, and Swordfish and Tuna are some of the most affected.  Expect these two big ticket items to tighten up by the end of the week and become a bit pricier next week.  It typically takes a week for the landings to stabilize, so order early.
Meanwhile, last week there was nothing more disruptive than Hurricane Dorian.  The storm moved along the East Coast with a vengeance, culminating in a swirling mess off the coasts of Maine and Canada.  Lobsters and Shellfish were most affected by the high winds, but you can expect everything from Monkfish to Black Sea Bass to incur price increases for the next few days as fishermen scramble to get back out.
Not to dwell on Dorian, but it would be wise to procure your Mussel, Clam, and Oyster needs a day or two early.  Many farms are dealing with damaged gear and power failures and we could all be in the dark by the weekend on these items.  Well-stored shellfish will stay alive in your fridge for a few days if you keep them moist and cool.
This week is a perfect week to avoid some of the extra coinage of the more sought after items by substituting lesser-known species like Cobia, and Albacore Tuna.  Both species are firm fleshed and offer versatile options that won’t break the bank.  This weekend would be a great opportunity to showcase the delicate, buttery flavor of Cobia or the rich, silky fattiness of domestic Albacore. 
Wild Salmon Season is still kicking with Kings, Keta, and Coho.  We still have a few weeks left for these species, as well as West Coast Halibut, which lasts until November.  Take advantage while you can.
Worrying about whether or not you are going to be able to get fresh seafood for your menus can be a scary thing.  Lucky for you, we are here to help with up-to-date intel on what’s going to be there and what isn’t.  Talk to us today and avoid getting caught in the storm without plan. 
Gourmet Grab
With a full moon coming, what could be better than checking out Cypress Grove's Midnight Moon.  Not only a creative way to name drop on a menu, the Midnight Moon has the ability of changing those "I hate goat cheese" folks to reconsider their position.  This cheese is an aged goat milk that is nutty and full of caramel flavor, like an aged gouda.  The slight crunch is from the protein crystals that form as it has been aging, though the cheese is otherwise smooth with a creamy mouthfeel.

The Lamb Chopper, next to the Midnight Moon, is their only other aged cheese.  Aged for three months, this sheep’s milk cheese is a crowd pleaser with a buttery color, smooth texture and mild palate.  The subtly sweet cheese is sure to wow the crowd.

Along with the Midnight Moon and Lamb Chopper, Cypress Grove is well known for their soft ripened cheeses.  Their Humboldt Fog may be the most widely known, with the thin vegetable ash layer giving it a distinguished look. The cheese itself is an "American Original" and was conceived in a dream - probably on the night of a full moon, although that has not been confirmed by any sources.  This soft ripened goat cheese is a lovely addition to any menu or counter.

Next to the Humboldt Fog is their Truffle Tremor, an herbaceous and mushroom flavor filled display of this earth-shaking masterpiece. If you love Humboldt Fog and can’t get enough of truffles, this is the cheese for you.

Continuing with a festive selection is a number of fresh flavored chèvre that they offer, such as PhyscheDillic (added dill), Purple Haze (no, not from Jimi Hendrix's guitar riffs, but rather a touch of floral notes), Ms. Natural (just fresh goat cheese, nothing needed), Herbs de Humboldt (a selection of herbs mixed with the chevre) and the Sgt. Pepper (top secret blend of peppers).

This Friday the 13th you’ll have plenty of selections for the full moon and eeriness that comes along with it.
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