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Tick tock and the clocks are rolling forward, and Lent is moving along.  Meatless dining is en vogue and going green is on deck as we prepare for St. Patrick’s Day and a long weekend of festivities.  You don’t have to be lucky to get good fish, you simply must follow the green trucks to your next great plate.  
Alaskan Halibut season is officially on, and fish are wheels up with flights arriving daily.  Prices are scattered around the board, but landings so far have been promising, meaning a stable market looms near.  Go ahead and place the feature boards curbside, it’s officially halibut time. 
Mexico is currently under moratorium for Grouper fishing, and domestic fishermen are reluctant to go out due to higher fuel costs.  This combination has caused some gaps in the Grouper supply chain.  We are constantly sourcing only the freshest product and are currently able to continuously offer this highly sought-after species.  For the next month, it will serve you well to stay ahead of your needs and stay in constant contact with us to make sure that you get the fish that you need. 
Wild Striped Bass landings have picked back up in the Chesapeake.  Gillnet and hook-and-line caught fish ranging from five to twenty pounds are available and favorably priced – especially when compared to Gulf species.  Traditionally these fisheries run until mid-May, so take advantage of the opportunity while you can. 
With spring approaching it’s a good time to remind everyone of the yearly spawn that our sought-after swimmers will go through over the next several weeks.  We will start to see some difference in the sizing and firmness of fillets, especially in East Coast groundfish.  Sizing will generally run smaller, and the meat will be softer, and, in some cases, off-color or opaque.  These are all annual effects and part of Nature’s plan.  It’s good to be reminded sometimes that our food comes from living animals who are still subject to the organized chaos of a natural world. 


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As we mentioned above, the clocks are moving forward which means longer days are in our future. We are inching closer and closer to spring and have a variety of products that will put a spring in your step.
Looking for an all-natural energy drink that is not only good for you, but good for the planet? Look no further than Cobra Verde. Cobra Verde is an exciting, all-natural energy drink fueled by green coffee, citrus, and bubbles.  Harnessing 180 mg of caffeine from green coffee beans Cobra Verde is energy that you can rely on. Refreshment in its purest form, clean energy in its most natural state.
Caffeine is a great way to keep you energized, but sometimes all you need is a delicious flavored drink with healthful botanicals. Fruitbelt has just what you need. Fruitbelt is rooted in Michigan's Fruitbelt, which runs the length of the lower peninsula, for several kilometers near Lake Michigan. Longtime friends and co-founders, Michele and Beth, pictured a drink that would make the orchard come alive.  Tart regional fruits, orchard-sourced botanics and buzzing bees lend their natural gifts to the startlingly delicious drink.  Much lower in calories than traditional soda, Fruitbelt's healthier botanical drinks are the perfect replacement for sugary soda and mix well for outstanding cocktails.
In our opinion, nothing is more energizing than a good key lime pie, and Sweet Craft Dolceria has just the thing. Growing up in Rome, four Italian friends shared memories of incredible homemade Italian desserts. Now calling California their home, these friends wanted to bring their passion to their American friends with their irresistible desserts inspired by Italy. Their key lime pie is made with rich key lime juice and crystallized ginger. Only natural ingredients are used with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.



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