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The practice of Daylight Saving’s Time celebrates its 101st anniversary this year.  With the shorter colder days upon us, it’s a perfect time to get your customers reacquainted with their ovens and baking sheets.  It’s time for them to fill their homes with delicious aromas and their bellies with scrumptious baked goods.
Rustic Tart’s Ready-to-Roll Dough is a surefire way to craft delicious, sweet and savory dishes without the added hours and heartache of making dough from scratch.   Simply thaw, defrost, and roll.   Handcrafted in Chicago, Rustic Tart's dough produces pies, tarts, and pastries that Grandma would be proud of. 
Pastry and home chef baking arsenials would not be complete without vanilla. Since 1907 Nielsen-Massey has been crafting some of the world’s finest pure and natural vanilla products. Utilizing a network of trusted suppliers from Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti, only the finest beans are selected to meet their strict quality requirements. In addition to vanilla beans and pastes, they also offer a vast range of pure flavor extracts that are perfect for enhancing baked goods and cookies. Use a dash of coffee extract to enhance chocolate cookie recipes or infuse a carrot cake with orange extract to spice things up a bit. Whatever you choose to do with their products, you can trust that the results will be a hit!
Peruse our website or catalog for other decant baking items to fill your kitchen or your customer's kitchen with sweet and riveting aromas from all the finished products you create.
Eye on Seafood
Hopefully you made the most out of the extra hour this weekend, and realizing that shorter days are ahead, you shouldn’t waste precious daylight.  Similarly, there are a variety of species that are running strong right now that you should be getting onto the specials board before they’re gone. 
Mahi Mahi is flowing out of South America right now as Ecuador and Costa Rica are sending fish by the truckload.  Prices will look much better this week and the quality is superb.  Bloodlines are cutting out very red, and we expect this lovable fish to be on the hook for the next few months.
Summer Flounder, aka Fluke, is plentiful and beautiful.  We have pound net and trawl-caught fish with white bellies in house that are pristine.  This mild Flounder is a versatile option that can be sautéed, baked, broiled, or utilized for crudo.  The meat is silky, sweet, and flakes up delicately. 
It’s time to put Black Seabass back in your wheelhouse.  This delicious fish is making its way back into rotation as we are seeing large and jumbo sizes out of the Mid-Atlantic.  Fish are being caught from North Carolina to Massachusetts and should be a frequent offering for the next few weeks.
Right now large domestic Cod is running big and beautiful.  These line-caught fish come in like baseball bats with glimmering green skin and crystal white meat.  Cold water Cod is the best tasting of all the Cods and should be a hit for baking this winter.  Look to serve these fish while they are at their fattiest.
The colder waters on the East Coast produce much tastier fish.  Don’t miss out on affordable species at their peak flavors such as Porgy, Monkfish, Skate, and Mackerel.  These options will serve your menus and seafood counters well and have your customers coming back for more with their delectable flavors.  It’s time to make the most of this abundance.
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