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Pontevedra, Spain

Founded in 1966, Costas y Miñán S.L. is specialized in the production of gourmet tinned fish and seafood from the Galician coast, which is renowned for being one of the best places in the world for seafood.  Their familiar and traditional knowhow is the essence of the company.  Offering a wide range of products with in-house recipes, customers can taste the very best of Spanish seafood.


Fried Galician Mussels

Fried Galician mussels in Spanish sauce.  12-16 units per tin.

S1322120 · UPC 810032721046 · 50/3.8 oz.

Octopus in Garlic Sauce

S1322140 · UPC 810032721053 · 50/3.8 oz.

Stuffed Squid in Ink Sauce

S1322160 · UPC 810032721060 · 50/3.8 oz.

Mackerel Filets in Olive Oil

S1322180 · UPC 810032721077 · 50/3.8 oz.

Small Sardines in Olive Oil

S1322200 · UPC 810032721084 · 50/4.2 oz.

Razor Clams (3-5)

Razor clams packed in seawater. 3-5 per tin.

S1322220 · UPC 810032721022 · 50/3.8 oz.

Galician Cockles

Cockle from Galicia packed in seawater.  45-55 per tin.

S1322240 · UPC 810032721039 · 50/3.8 oz.


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