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Embutidos Fermín

In the dehesas, an indigenous forest of southwestern Spain and Portugal, the Ibérico pig, a descendent of the wild boar, is free ranging. Popularly known as the Pata Negra, or Black Hoof, the Ibérico, with its diet of acorns and other naturally growing plants of the dehesa, is responsible for the unsurpassed taste and quality of the traditional dry-cured hams and sausages of Spain. 
The addition “de bellota“ designates that these free ranging Iberico pigs have been raised under acorn trees, where they choose to feed exclusively on fallen acorns (bellota) for 3 months prior to slaughter. These pigs love acorns and show it by doubling their weight with these high levels of flavorful, unsaturated natural fats, the meat is layered with fat and can be aged for 3 years, developing complex and delicious flavors without drying out. Since the supply of acorns is limited, de bellota ham remains an exclusive treat.

Savor the Experience

This incredible delicacy needs little accompaniment – enjoy with a bit of crusty bread if you wish, but in our opinion this fine ham is best enjoyed on its own. Serve thin slices of the ham at room temperature. When you take a bite, roll then ham around in your mouth – the delicious fat will melt and coat your tongue with intense flavor. To complete the experience, sip a bit of manzanilla sherry – and then take another bite!

The Pig and it's Environment 

A rare breed of black pig, the Ibérico, is perfectly suited to its natural environment, the dehesas of Spain and Portugal. During the fall and winter months, these beautiful animals gorge themselves on acorns and wild forage. The best-fattened pigs are selected to produce bellota jamónes and paletas. Legs and shoulders are cured with salt and hung for an average of 3 years, tested regularly by expert artisans who know just when a jamón is finished and ready to market. It’s a long wait for a slice of ham – and more than worth every minute.

Spain’s Great Contribution to World Cuisine 

Ibérico pigs metabolize fat differently than other breeds, and this is especially apparent when they have been feeding on rich acorns for months. The sweet velvety fat and rich silky meat make this the world's finest ham. A little dry sherry completes the experience. 

Fermin La Alberca (Salamanca), Castilla y Leon

Started as a small family business by Fermin Martin Cambronel in 1956, Fermin quickly grew from a labor of of love, with handmade embutidos curing in the family’s own salon, to a market leader in one of Spain’s most important sectors. In 2006, Fermin became the first company to export genuine Spanish Jamon Ibérico to the USA, and remains committed to dealing only in pigs that were raised, slaughtered and processed one hundred percent in Spain.

Jamón Ibérico De Bellota

Jamón · Back Leg
S0100280 · Boneless · 1/10 lb 
S0100310 · Bone-In · 1/13 lb
Paleta · Front Leg
S0100430 · Boneless · 1/8 lb 
S0100400 · Bone-In · 1/13 lb   

Jamón Ibérico

Jamón · Back Leg
S0100250 · Bone-In · 1/15 lb  
S0100220 · Boneless · 1/10 lb 
S0100040 · 20/2 oz Pre-Sliced 


Paleta · Front Leg
S0100370 · Boneless · 1/9 lb · PREORDER
Bone-In · 1/5 lb · PREORDER

Serrano Jamón

Jamón · Back Leg
S0100160 · Boneless · 12/14 lb · 1/13 lb
S0100190 · Bone-In · 1/16 lb 

Lomo {Cured Pork Loin}

Lomo is a classic a dry-cured loin of pork, meaty and tender. Popular all over Spain as part of a traditional tapas course. Cured with a marinade of salt, fresh garlic, and Pimenton de la Vera to accent the delicious dry-cured flavor. Produced in Spain.

S0100130 · Pata Negra Bellota · 5/1.5 lb

S0100070 · Ibérico de Bellota · 20/2 oz Pre-Sliced
S0100100 · Serrano-Cured · 4/1.8 lb

Ibérico Chorizo

S0100135 · 15/7.06 oz
S0100080 · 20/2 oz Pre-Sliced

Ibérico Salchichon

S0100140 · 15/7.06 oz 
S0100090 · 20/2 oz Pre-Sliced
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