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Paella Rice

Flor De Calasparra D.O.P.

This premium, small-grain rice is a cross of balilla and solana rice from the protectected Denominacion de Origen of Calasparra in Murcia.

Paella Rice
S0721330 · 11 lb  


Bomba Paella Rice
S0721420 · 1.1 lb  

Valencia Bomba

Bomba is an heirloom rice varietal. Notoriously difficult to grow, it has amazing absorptive qualities, doubling in size when cooked while maintaining a firm texture. There is no better rice for paella.

S0721480 · Paella Rice · 4/11 lb Bag 

Valencia Balilla (Cebolla) Rice

Balilla varietal rice, rich in fiber and mineral salts is round in shape and medium in size, allowing good liquid absorption and producing a creamy and flavorful finish. A great value for your Spanish and Mediterranean rice dishes.

S0721450 · Paella Rice · 4/11 lb Bag 
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