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Aceitunas Losada

Sevilla, Spain

Founded in 1961, Aceitunas Losada recently celebrated 50 years of growing and packaging olives in and around the town of Carmona, in the province of Seville. The company remains family-owned and distinguishes itself by controlling every step of production from the tree to the consumer, handpicking every olive.



Manzanilla Olives (Sevilla, Spain)

The classic green olive, manzanillas have been adorning tables and martini glasses for decades. Their manzanilla olives are brined in a lower salt solution in order to better preserve their natural flavor and snap. Available with pit or stuffed with red peppers.
S0720010 · Green ·  With Pit in Brine ·  4/5.5 lb Tub
S0720000 · Green · Pitted in Brine  ·  4/5.5 lb Tub




Gordal Olives

Gordal olives, also known as Queen or Sevillano olives, are grown in southern Spain in the area around Sevilla. They are the largest of Spain’s cultivated olive varieties. Picked green from the tree before they are fully ripened, Gordals have a wonderful meaty texture.
S0720070 · Green ·  With Pit in Brine ·  4/5.5 lb Tub
S0720100 · Green ·  Pitted in Brine ·  4/5.5 lb Tub 


Cuquillo Olives

These tiny, purple black olives are among the most flavorful Spanish varietals. Each softly textured olive packs a range of savory, fermented and bitter notes sure to please discerning palettes. Our favorite olives for cooking. Try them with grilled red mullet.

S0720280 ·  Purple · With Pit in Brine ·  4/5.5 lb Tub
S0720270 · Purple · Pitted in Brine ·  4/5.5 lb Tub

Caper Berries

The flavor of the berry is quite similar to the bud, but because of the seeds and fruit pulp, the texture is softer. The flower is allowed to bloom, and the fruit allowed to mature for only a few days before they are picked, not allowing the seeds inside to become too bitter and tough. The fruit are picked with stems still attached, and then cured in a vinegar and salt brine. 
S0720430 · With Stem in Brine · 4/5.5 lb Jar


Aloreña · Green

Harvested green, at the end of August or beginning of September, it is fermented in a natural way with water and salt in order to make fermentation process easier. Usually thyme is added to the fermentation brine. Spherical shaped, it is a crunchy olive, usually served cracked. 
S0720330 · Green · Pitted · 4/5.5 lb 


Cornicabra Purple Olives

This oval shaped olive has an intense taste and beautiful purplish color.
S0720290 · Purple · With Pit · 4/5.5 lb




Fortune Spanish Mix

Cornicabra, Zorzalena, Verdial, Cuquillo, Gordal
S0720350 · With Pit · 4/5.5 lb Jar


Meson Mix

Losada's most popular olives -- cuquillos, manzanillas, and gordals -- ready to enjoy. Ideal for the bar top or add your own spices to create house-marinated olives!
S0720340 · With Pit in Brine · 4/5.5 lb Jar

S0720335 · Pitted in Brine · 4/5.5 lb Jar



Posada Mix

Manzanilla olives with pearl onions and cornichons. 
S0720400 · With Pit in Brine · 4/5.5 lb Jar


Taberna Mix

Manzanilla olives with sweet pickled garlic and cornichons.
S0720370 · With Pit in Brine · 4/5.5 lb Jar





Meaty queen olives with a mild saltiness and large olive flavor.
S0720107 · Pitted · UPC 848035002145 · 8/12 oz Jars



Firm and meaty bright green olives that are flavorful and not too salty.
S0720027 · UPC 848035002152 · 8/12 oz Jars



Carmona Mix  

5 olive mix.  Gordal, verdial, zorzaqlena, cuquillo and cornicabra.
S0720362 · UPC 848035002169 · 8/12 oz Jars



Natural Cornicabra

Ranging in color from pale pink to dark pink, these oval shaped olives have a small horn shape on one side.
S0720291 · UPC 848035002176 · 8/12 oz Jars


Natural Alorena

 Cracked with a firm texture in a natural brine.
S0720331 · Pitted · UPC 848035002183 · 8/12 oz Jars



Natural Mix

S0720367 · Pitted · UPC 848035002190 · 8/12 oz Jars


Marinated Verdial Olives

S0720326 · UPC 848035000745 · 8/12 oz Jars


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