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Wisco Pop!

Viroqua, Wisconsin

Growing out of a hobby making ginger beer, friend's and family demand became too great for hobby level production and Austin Ashley and his wife Hallie launched Wisco Pop! in July of 2012.  Always striving to be a little better, in June of 2016 their sodas became certified organic. Joined by 2 friends, the foursome now enjoy working together and bringing you Wisco Pop!. Fresh ingredients and real flavors bring a new level of soda.  Also wonderful to use in mixed drinks as a refreshing cocktail.



Ginger Soda

Whole organic ginger, fresh lemon and lime juice, cane sugar and sparkling filtered water.  Drink alone or pair for a cocktail with bourbon, dark rum, vodka or ciders.

U4320020 · UPC 861054000138 · 8/12 oz.

Cherry Soda

Crafted using Organic tart cherries that you can taste the freshness of, fresh-squeezed organic lemons and whole vanilla beans. The nature intended way cherry soda is supposed to be.  Create a cocktail with rye, prosecco, brandy, bitters, gin, orange liqeur or cognac.

U4320030 · UPC 861054000145 · 8/12 oz.

Strawberry Soda

Enjoy summer year 'round. This soda is made from organic strawberries, with a hint of lemon.  Creates great cocktails with light rum, vodka, bourbon, mint or rhubarb.

U4320010 · UPC 861054000152 · 8/12 oz.

Grapefruit Soda

Pleasantly tart, bright, a little sweet and all together balanced.

U4320035 · UPC 860006001674 · 8/12 oz.

Lemon Sparkle

Fresh-squeezed organic lemon juice. That's it.

U4320040 · UPC 861054000169 · 8/12 oz.

Ginger Sparkle

Hand-cut organic ginger and fresh-squeezed lime juice.

U4320050 · UPC 861054000190 · 8/12 oz.

Lime Sparkle

Fresh-squeezed, organic lime juice and lime peels. That's it.

U4320060 · UPC 861054000176 · 8/12 oz.


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