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LocalFolks Foods

Sheridan, Indiana

LocalFolks Foods is a creation from Sheridan, Indiana that emphasizes simple ingredients. Initially created for farmer's markets, their line has expanded to the retail world.   Steve and Anita Spencer work on the farm that has been in their family since 1838.  The Spencers partnered with Paul Skirvin, as the creative inspiration, to create LocalFolks foods.  Paul has an extensive background in food and organic food distribution. Joining up with Steve and Anita as co-founder, allowed Paul to follow his dream of producing a line of clean, Midwest-sourced and flavorful foods with LocalFolks Foods. 



Diced Tomatoes

A basic ingredient for sauces, soups, chili, salsa and more.

U3700110 · UPC 705105014265 · 12/24 oz.


Tomato & Herb Marinara Sauce

This is a thick, authentic Italian tomato sauce that is great on pasta, pizza, or any Italian dish.

U3700150 · UPC 853896007093 · 12/24 oz.


Mushroom & Garden Vegetable Pasta Sauce

Authentically seasoned vegetable sauce for any dish.

U3700430 · UPC 853896007109 · 12/24 oz.



Mild Garden Salsa

A mild salsa packed full of fresh ingredients.

U3700190 · UPC 853896007000 · 12/12 oz.


Medium Garden Salsa

A medium salsa full of fresh ingredients.

U3700230 · UPC 853896007017 · 12/12 oz.


Hot Garden Salsa

A hot salsa full of fresh ingredients.

U3700270 · UPC 853896007024 · 12/12 oz



This ketchup has an authentic flavor and is made without  any form of corn syrup.

U3700350 · UPC 853896007048 · 12/18 oz. 
U3700380 · UPC 705105013862 · 4/1 gallon


Stoneground Xxpress Mustard

Based off of a 200 year old German recipe, a little of this hot and spicy mustard goes a long way.  It is lightly sweetened with a little honey and red ripe bell peppers.

U3700710 · UPC 853896007031 · 12/8 oz. 
U3700740 ·  4/1 gallon


Dill Pickle Mustard

This mustard has fresh cucumber, dill garlic and brown and yellow mustard seeds.  It is a cooling condiment that adds freshness to any dish. Use as a condiment, for grilling, on sandwiches or as a rub or marinade.

U3700745 · UPC 853896007147 · 12/8 oz.



Pizza Sauce

Enough sauce for 2 large pizzas.

U3700310 · UPC 853896007116 · 12/16 oz.


Honey Bar-Bee-Q

Barbecue sauce with a touch of honey and spice.

U3700630 · UPC 853896007062 · 12/18 oz.


Apple Butta' Bar-B-Q

Thick and sweet barbecue sauce.

U3700450 · UPC 853896007079 · 12/18 oz.



Habanero barbecue sauce.

U3700550 · UPC 853896007086 · 12/18 oz.  


Enchilada Sauce

U3701030 · UPC 853896007123 · 12/12 oz.

Red Jalapeno Mustard

 U3700760 · UPC 853896007154 ·  12/8 oz.

Cherry Jam

U3701060 · UPC 853896007178 · 12/9 oz.

Eat a Peach "Peach Jam"

U3701050 · UPC 853896007192 · 12/9 oz.

Purple Haze "Blueberry Jam"

U3701070 · UPC 853896007215 · 12/9 oz.
U3701090 · 1 gal

Strawberry Fields "Strawberry Jam"

U3701040 · UPC 853896007239 · 12/9 oz.
U3701080 · 1 gal

Apple Butter

U3701055 · UPC 853896007161 · 12/9 oz.
U3701100 · 1 Gallon

Blackberry Jam

U3701045 · UPC 853896007208 · 12/9 oz.

Raspberry Jam

U3701065 · UPC 853896007722 · 12/9 oz.


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