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Two Men and a Garden

St. Louis, Missouri

Two Men and a Garden started in 2006 when a couple of St. Louis neighbors merged their backyard gardens.  Soon they had more produce than they could give away to family and friends, so they perfected awesome salsa and pickle recipes.  They sold their first jar in the summer fo 2010 to a local store.  Tens of thousands of jars later, Two Men and a Garden have outgrown the backyard garden, but they have teamed up with several local farmers and distributors to supply them with top quality, fresh produce.  It's much more work than Two Men can handle, so they have compiled a fun and talented team that promise to make every batch of their wholesome salsa and pickles with love!  An insistence on making small batches with seasonally available, locally grown ingredients is what makes Two Men and a Garden products unique and delicious.  No two jars are quite the same - "Every Jar's a Star!"



Mild Salsa

Traditional salsa without the spicy kick.  For those who prefer very little spice.

U3081010 · UPC 856193005182 · 6/16 oz.



Medium Salsa

Traditional salsa with a quick, spicy bite from fresh farmed jalapeños. 

U3081030 · UPC 856193005199 · 6/16 oz.



Hot Salsa

Traditional salsa with a sweet taste that is followed by a hot bite from fresh habanero peppers. 

U3081050 · UPC 856193005205 · 6/16 oz.



Screaming Hot Salsa

The name says it all. Be prepared, this salsa requires a lot of room in the habanero garden. 

U3081070 · UPC 856193005212 · 6/16 oz.




Peach Salsa

U3081130 · UPC 856193005274 · 6/16 oz.



Dill Pickles

Traditional Dill Pickles, nothing fancy, just fresh pickles with fresh dill. Waffle cut and crunchy. 

U3081320 · UPC 856193005243 · 6/16 oz.



Sweet Pickles

Bread and Butter style pickles. Thinly sliced fresh cucumbers and onions sweetened with Grandma Cora's recipe that has been passed down. 

U3081340 · UPC 856193005267 · 6/16 oz.



Spicy Dill

Traditional waffle cut fresh pickles with a scopp of fresh chopped habnero peppers. 

U3081360 · UPC 856193005250 · 6/16 oz.


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