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Monkfish is one of the ugliest fish in the sea with a huge head, tiny eyes and a giant gaping mouth filled with needle-sharp teeth. Also called ‘Anglerfish’ it has an apparatus attached to the top of its head that resembles a lure to entice its prey with. The head is removed at sea and the tail and liver taken ashore to market. Monkfish are found in the deep waters of the North Atlantic from the Grand Banks to North Carolina. Monkfish tail has a mild, slightly sweet, even lobster-like taste and texture. It is known as ‘the poor man’s lobster.’ The flesh is firm, dense and boneless. It doesn’t flake easily and is perfect for sauces and stews. Raw flesh is pale gray to off-white, covered in a blue-gray membrane that should be removed prior to cooking. Monkfish are harvested by trawlers, gillnets and as bycatch from the Scallop fishery. 

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