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Brooklyn, New York (by way of the UK)

Nick and Louise started teapigs in November 2006 with one mission – to get the UK drinking real tea again. They met while working for a really big tea company, where they learned all about tea and drank lots of it. And the more they learned, and the more they drank, the more they came to realize something: that there's a whole world of quality teas out there that simply weren’t getting the attention they deserve. Back then, great things were happening in coffee and not-so-great things were happening in tea. Nick and Louise wanted to change all that and make great quality tea accessible… and a bit more fun! And so teapigs was born.



Chamomile Flowers

Whole chamomile flowers.

O3400500 · UPC 814910010130 · 6/15 ct

Darjeeling Earl Grey

A light bergamot blended with the finest darjeeling.

O3400600 · UPC 814910010178 · 6/15 ct

English Breakfast

A top quality version of "regular tea".

O3400700 · UPC 814910010000 · 6/15 ct

Green with Mint

Pure mint leaves combined with green tea.

O3400800 · UPC 814910010079 · 6/15 ct

Moa Feng Green

A light and green tea that will not leave you disappointed as many greens can do.

O3400900 · UPC 814910010055 · 6/15 ct

Organic Happy

Lemon balm, turmeric and apple for an uplifting tea.

O3401000 · UPC 814910010345 · 6/15 ct

Organic Snooze

Chamomile, sweet apple and knock you out lavender for the ultimate sleepy tea.

O3401100 · UPC 814910010321 · 6/15 ct

Peppermint Leaves

Minty fresh.

O3401200 · UPC 814910010147 · 6/15 ct

Lemon & Ginger

O3401300 · UPC 814910010192 · 6/15 ct


Sweet Ginger

A naturally sweet ginger blend.

O3401400 · UPC 814910010284 · 6/15 ct


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