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Hidden Springs Cheese

Westby, Wisconsin
Hidden Springs Farm perches atop a beautiful green ridge in the heart of the Coulee on the patchwork terrain of Wisconsin's "Driftless Area" (the area that the glacier skipped). Brenda and Dean Jensen milk a herd of about 100 Lacaune and East Friesian sheep. In keeping with their sustainable financial and environmental vision, they employ their Amish neighbors for milking and construction, use Percheron draft horses to plow their fields and use donkeys to keep predators away from their herd.


Deliciously simple— pasteurized sheep’s milk, culture, rennet and salt are combined in just the right proportions to create this wonderfully light, creamy and spreadable cheese. The original is light, lemony and finishes with just a hint of the wonderful grasses which sustain the flock - an excellent substitute for ricotta. Available in an ever-evolving blend of flavors.


Q1910220 · 5 oz. small tub
Q1910160 · 5 lb. tub

* ACS 2015 2nd place winner


Q1910280 · 5 oz. small tub 

*ACS 2015 3rd place winner


Q1910320 · 5 oz. small tub

Cranberry Cinnamon

Q1910370 · 5 oz. small tub · Seasonal

* ACS 2015 2nd place winner

Honey Lavender 

Q1910310 · 5 oz. small tub 

*ACS 2015 1st place winner


Q1910340 · 5 oz. small tub

Tomato & Garlic

Q1910250 · 5 oz. small tub

Bad Axe

The North Fork of the Bad Axe River rises at the town of Westby. This young, semi-hard but creamy cheese was named for the river which was home to the 1832 Battle of Bad Axe. The smooth texture and slight tartness of the cheese mirrors a fresh mozzarella. Made from gently pasteurized sheep’s milk aged for 60 days and dipped in black wax to retain its moisture, you can taste the milk’s freshness.
Q1900040 · Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 3 lb.


Bohemian Blue

When a proposed 300% import tariff on Roquefort threatened to make sheep’s milk blue cheese inaccessible to most Americans, the Jensens teamed up with fellow Wisconsin cheesemakers Tony and Julie Hook to create a domestic sheep’s milk blue. Bohemian is drier than a typical drippy Roquefort but possesses the same sweet-and-sour finish.  Bohemian Blue is named after Brenda's grandparents, who were Bohemian in origin. 
Q1900100 · Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 6 lb.


Meadow Melody

Toffee and caramel dominate in this blended milk cheese. A washed rind cheese cave aged for at least 90 days. This cheese was a ACS 2015 1st place winner!
Q1900070 · Raw Sheep and Cow’s Milk · Firm · Wheel · 2 lb.


Ocooch Mountain

Rising 350 feet above the Kickapoo River are the Ocooch Mountains. Named for a small band of Indians called the Ocooch, the origins of the word Ocooch can be traced to the sustenance provided by the Kickapoo to the Indians. And so this mountain-style, raw milk cheese is a fitting tribute. Aged 3-4 months, this dense, nutty, slightly grainy cheese has a natural rind which is washed during aging. 

Q1900010 · Raw Sheep’s Milk Cheese · Firm · Wheel · 2 lb.



Chef Jack Kaestner of the Oconomowoc Club begged Brenda for months to make him a sheep’s milk feta — when she finally gave in, the result was a stunner, taking first place in the Feta category at the 2009 American Cheese Society conference. It has continued to be one of the best fetas around winning 3rd place at the 2015 ACS conference.  Lighter texture with less salt than many fetas.
Q1900130 · Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk · Semi-Soft · 4 lb. tub available for preorder


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