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Heart Shaped Macarons

These macarons from Belgium have an almond shell and rich ganache filling. Each case has 35 each of .5 oz macarons with Vanilla Strawberry ganache and Raspberry ganache. 100% all-natural ingredients are used to make these macarons.  Strawberries come from Belgium and the raspberries from Spain.  Arrive frozen so you can take out just what you need for freshness.

80501620 · 70/0.5oz.

The Maxi Brioche

Brioche is known for its fluffy and moist texture and this one is created in the Vendee region of France.  5.5 lb and 27-30" long and approximately 7" tall.  Made with pure butter, fresh eggs and flavored with rum, orange blossom and topped with pearl sugar. Frozen

80501650 · 5.51 lb

Assorted Macarons

Assorted macarons in 5 flavors. Vanilla, raspberry, salted caramel butter, pistachio, and chocolate. Frozen in blister boxes for freshness and to reduce breakage. Shelf life of 12 days after defrosting. 

80501630 · 70/.42oz.
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