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Great chocolate begins with great beans. And a modern company needs to be an agent of positive social change. TCHOSource is TCHO Chocolate’s response to both challenges. TCHOSource is the name of TCHO’S program to obtain the best beans in the world while enabling the producers of those beans to earn a better living. They do this by embracing, as valued partners, the farmers who grow their cacao—the way Napa Valley winemakers work closely with partner growers to foster best practices, and then buy their premium grapes at premium prices. TCHOSource provides direct investments in capital infrastructure, in-field remote monitoring, sensory analysis training, and technology transfer. TCHO also installs in-country Flavor Labs where producers taste chocolate they make from their own beans—an almost unheard of practice until now. TCHO firmly believes that the best, longest lasting change rests on the win-win of mutual self-interest— they get better beans, the farmer gets better prices. When you choose TCHO, you are choosing superior chocolate while directly supporting a better livelihood for cacao farmers.



TCHO Mokaccino

Warm, roasted nuttiness and complex dried fruit notes from freshly roasted Blue Bottle coffee blend seamlessly with the dense caramel and cocoa notes in their SeriousMilk chocolate.

U0151266 · UPC 812603017855 · 12/70 gr


Classic Milk Chocolate 39% Cacao

39% classic creamy milk chocolate.

U0151265 · UPC 812603017848 · 12/70 gr

Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao

70% darck chocolate from Ghana.

U0151262 · UPC 812603017817 · 12/70 gr

Chocolate Pretzel Crunch

Dark milk chocolate with pretzel bits.

U0131514 · UPC 812603019125 · 12/70 gr

Mint Chip Gelato Bar

64% Dark chocolate with mint gelato.

U0151010 · UPC 812603017930 · 12/70 gr

Toffee & Sea Salt

53% organic milk chocolate with toffee and sea salt.

U0151020 · UPC 812603017978 · 12/70 gr

Hazelnut Chunk

53% milk chocolate with hazelnuts and sea salt.

U0151030 · UPC 812603017985 · 12/70 gr

Almond & Sea Salt

64% dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

U0151050 · UPC 812603017947 · 12/70 gr

Extra Dark Chocolate

81% extra dark chocolate.

U0151060 · UPC 812603017961 · 12/70 gr

Assorted Gravity Feeder Chocolates 

U0151261 · Milk Assorted · UPC 812603019545 · 100/8 gr
U0151109 · Dark Assorted · UPC 812603019538 · 100/8 gr
U0151120 · Toffee, Mokaccino & Almond · 100/8gr



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