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Piparras are a long, pickled green pepper popular in the Basque country.

S0720790 · UPC 832924005751 · 5/2 L
S0720822 · UPC 832924005786 · 15/6.4 oz

Organic Piquillo Peppers

Not like any other red pepper you have ever tasted. Authentic piquillo peppers originate from Navarra and the Ribera del Ebro region of Northern Spain. The Piquillo pepper, meaning “little beak“ for its distinctive pointed shape, have for generations been picked and produced almost entirely by hand, using no chemicals in the washing, roasting and peeling process. Slow roasting over open-wood-fires gives these unique peppers a complex, rich and teasingly spicy-sweet flavor.

S0720910 · In Brine · UPC 832924005508 · 12/7.6 oz Jar · PREORDER

Marcona Almonds

Almonds have been one of the most valuable culinary exports of Spain since Roman times. Among the dozens of varieties of almonds native to the Iberian Peninsula, the Marcona has come to be recognized as the most delicious and desirable. Marconas have a fat content of an astonishing 54%, most of which is healthful fatty acids.

S0721300 · Blanched MarconaAlmonds · UPC 832924004921 · 20/1.1 lb


Paella has become synonymous with Spain. Without the right rice, one cannot create a true paella. Grown in the rich soils of the national protected L’Albufera Park of Valencia, this shortgrain rice makes the perfect ingredient for paella, arroz negro and risotto. The high absorption rate (Bomba absorbs one-third more water than the traditional) allows it to soak up and hold the abundance of flavors in all of your favorite rice dishes. To ensure freshness and the highest quality final product, the rice is packed in a sturdy cloth sack that allows the rice to breathe.

S0721510 · UPC 832924005126 · 12/2.2 lb
S0721520 · UPC 832924005102 · 12/2.2 lb

Tortas De Aceite {Sweet & Savory Crisp Breads}

The secret to these light and crispy flat breads is the healthy dose of fine extra virgin olive oil in each one. Hailing from Seville, the gorgeous capital of Andalusia, these airy delights can often be found gracing cheese plates; the sweet versions are lovely served on the side of an espresso or as part of a tea service.

S1720460 · Sugared · UPC 832924005058 · 10/1.27 oz Case 
S1720490 · Savory · UPC 832924005065 · 10/0.9 oz Case 

Romesco Sauce

Matiz Catalan Romesco sauce is made from a traditional recipe and all-natural products that have been used in Mediterranean kitchens for centuries. This sauce is wonderful on meat, seafood, and vegetables—cook with it, use it as a dip, or spread it on sandwiches.

S0721072 · UPC 832924003023 · 6/6.5 oz Jar


Matiz Catalan organic olivada spread is made from empeltre olives, olive oil and salt.  Liven up any sandwich, cracker or vegetable, or try it on cheese or seafood.

S0721074 · UPC 832924003023 · 6/6.5 oz Jar

All I Oli

Simple all natural ingredients are combined in a traditional recipe and that has been used in Catalan kitchens for centuries. This sauce is wonderful on meat, seafood, vegetables—cook with it, use it as a dip, or spread it on sandwiches—and add your own spices, anything from pimenton to wasabi, to make it your own.

S0721078 · UPC 832924004143 · 6/6.5 oz Jar
S0721076 · Fiery · UPC 832924004150 · 6/6.5 oz Jar

Valenciano Paella Sofrito

This hand-made sauce is your first step to an authentic paella. It is slow roasted for three hours allowing you the perfect paella in much less time. Also ideal as a sauce for meats, fish, eggs and pasta.

S0721070 · UPC 832924005140 · 6/12 oz



Smoked Sea Salt

Hardwood-smoked flavor imparts sweet and complex flavors to any dish. Use as a seasoning before slow-cooking and as a finishing salt. Smoked sea salt will give an exotic smoked flavor to all types of dishes. Enhance the flavor of a smoked meat or add a subtle smoky flavor to fish and vegetables.

S1520340 · UPC 832924005324 · 8/4.4 oz Jar 
S1520250 · 6/1.65 lb Jar  

Organic Chestnuts

Chestnuts aren’t just for the holidays anymore! These amazingly sweet and moist organic chestnuts come from ancient groves of trees planted in Galician region of Northwest Spain. They are purchased from small producers throughout the region, bringing much needed economic resources to small farmers. Matiz Organic Chestnuts are a very nutritious food and lower in calories per ounce than other nuts. They are peeled and cooked and ready to serve. Try them in your stuffing for the holidays, or in soups, casseroles, salads, and desserts all year long. Better yet, keep in the fridge for a healthy snack!

S0721000 · UPC 832924005256 · 12/7 oz


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