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Mama Lil's Peppers

Portland, Oregon

Mama Lil’s recipe for Hungarian goathorn peppers in oil came from the heartfelt tradition of immigrants sharing food and recipes from “the old country.” The mouth-watering pepper recipe that Lil embraced as a daily embellishment to her Jewish Romanian cuisine, came from a Serbian friend, who learned it from a Slovenian who, luckily for us, had the good fortune to discover this amazing recipe for Italian pickled peppers in oil. If you were to travel to the Abruzzo region of Italy you would find a variation of these peppers in oil served with your meals. Traditionally, Abruzzese chefs and families use these flavorful peppers and aromatic oil to transform simple ingredients into their luscious, savory cuisine. It is in this tradition of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, that fans of Mama Lil’s consistently say they use Mama Lil’s in “everything”.



Pickled Mildly Spicy Peppers in OIl

U2320040 · UPC 633625100314 · 12/12 oz 
U2300010 · 1/15 lb 


Pickled Kick Butt Peppers In Oil

From a recipe that spans the Balkans, salutes Italy, and honors Jewish motherhood, like fine wine these marinated pickled Hungarian goathorn peppers in oil only get better with age. (And once opened and refrigerated they seem to last forever.) Two delicious gourmet products in one jar! The silky peppers and the spicy extra-virgin olive oil blend!

U2320070 · UPC 633625100321 · 12/12 oz 


Pickled Sweet Hot Peppas

Let the sweet heat of these precious pickled peppers hearten hors d’oeuvres, entice omelettes and seduce sandwiches. (Un)dress your favorite salad with the sweet hot brine.

U2320100 · UPC 633625000355 · 12/12 oz 


Pickled Asparagus

Sweet and spicy spears of asparagini that are firm enough to serve on a vegetable platter or to hold up in a Bloody Mary.

U2320200 · 12/26.5 oz


Pickled Green Beans

A crispy, spicy, fat-free treat anytime, or a zingy finishing touch for a salad or Bloody Mary.

U2320170 · 12/26.5 oz


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