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McClure's Pickles

Detroit, Michigan

In 2006, brothers Joe and Bob started McClure’s after years of making pickles in their tiny Michigan kitchen. Learning from their grandfather and parents, they’ve created the perfect recipe. They use as much local produce as possible, and when it’s not, they speak directly with the growers to know where their produce is coming from. Not only do they do pickles, but their other items should not be missed!


Pickled Bloody Mary Mix

Bold, tangy and robust, this bloody mary is nothing ordinary and all extraordinary. Using McClure's pickle brine, dill, and garlic they've created a pucker-up bloody mary mix that is knock your socks off. 

U4900126 · UPC 896180001100 · 6/32 oz.
U4900220 · 1 G



Crisp and clean tasting, this recipe was passed on by Joe and Bob’s great-grandmother, Lala. Every jar is hand-packed and the cucumbers are hand-sliced in the factory. After so many years, McClure’s is bringing their family recipe to yours.

U4900123 · UPC 896180001032 · Garlic Spears · 6/32 oz.
U4900180 · Garlic Whole · 5 G Pail.
U4900105 · UPC 896180001025 · Spicy Spears · 6/32 oz.
U4900200 · Spicy Whole · 5 G Pail
U4900112 · UPC 896180001292 · Sweet & Spicy Chip Cut · 6/32 oz.
U4900195 · Sweet & Spicy Chip Cut · 5 G Pail
U4900117 · UPC 896180001704 · Bread & Butter Chip Cut · 6/32 oz.




U4900131 · UPC 896180001063 · Garlic Dill Relish · 6/9 oz. · PREORDER




Snappy and tangy containing just three, natural ingredients- cabbage, salt and water. 

U4900129 · UPC 896180001773 · 6/32 oz.
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