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Fished using sustainable practices off the Galician coast, Spain’s most famous region for seafood, these sardines are richly flavored and clean tasting. Available in two moist and tender recipes with olive oil or sunflower-lemon these sardines have a fresh and delicate flavor.

S1320520 · with Lemon · 25/4.2 oz Tin
S1320490 · In EVOO · 25/4.2 oz Tin



Sardinillas with Piquillos

Smaller sardines combined with piquillo pepper.

S1320550 · 25/3 oz. Tin


Octopus {Pulpo}

Gallego octopus is harvested with nets off the coast of Galicia, known for its exceptional seafood. Artisan fishing methods, old master cannery know-how and the highest quality ingredients are used to produce octopus that is moist, tender and uncommonly flavorful. This delicious Octopus by Matiz can be eaten fresh out of the can, or fried and topped with olive oil and a pinch of pimenton.

S1320580 · Gallego - Octupus in Olive Oil · 25/3.9 oz. Tin



Cockles, or berberechos, are small clams in round symmetrical shells and a local delicacy in the region of Galicia. A specialty of British cuisine, as well as that of Galicia, cockles are eaten fresh from the can or tossed with lemon and parsley.

S1320610 · 25/4 oz.


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