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Turbot is a large flatfish farm-raised in Iceland. It is sometimes referred to as European Turbot, but should not be confused with Greenland Turbot (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides) which is closely related to Arrowhead Flounder. Wild Turbot can be found in the Mediterranean, eastern Atlantic, and North Sea. Turbot is highly prized for its delicate flavor and firm texture. The white flesh is thick and meaty. It is one of the most outstanding flatfish to eat. The Turbot are being raised indoors in recirculating above ground tank systems. The benefits of using an above ground, indoor tank system is that there is no effluent being released into the ecosystem. The farm is using Icelandic sea water for salinity and geo-thermal water from Icelandic volcanoes for natural temperature control. The fish are consuming a feed that has been made by using “recycled” bycatch. Capelin roe is a big industry in Iceland. Traditionally the capelin fishermen would strip the roe from the capelin and dump the fish. The Turbot farmers developed a feed consisting of the Capelin that had been previously thrown overboard. This results in a low fish meal feed conversion ratio. 

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