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Tuna, Yellowfin

The yellowfin tuna is also known as “Ahi” or fire in Hawaii.  The yellowfin tuna is found throughout tropical and subtropical seas and is the world’s most valuable tuna catch. It is known and named for it’s bright yellow dorsal fin and yellow strip on each side.   Yellowfin is graded by importers and processors by a number system #1 through #3.  The grading is based on color, freshness and fat content.  This grading system is not regulated by any governing agency and can be changed at any level of the distribution channel.  Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor. It is more flavorful than albacore, although less flavorful than bluefin, because of the fat content.  It is firm with large flakes and a good moisture content that quickly releases when cooked, resulting in dry meat when over- cooked. In the raw state the meat is red and when cooked turns a light grey to brown.  Yellowfin tuna is caught by purse seine, hook and line and long-line.  It is managed by the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas and the National Marine Fisheries Service.

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