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Yellowtail Jack

Yellowtail Jack, Seriola lalandi, is easily one of the most versatile game fish on the west coast. The fish have a sleek torpedo-shape and can grow an average of 8 feet long. The body is a dark blue, while the sides and belly are silver with a narrow bronze stripe along the lateral line that becomes yellow as it nears the head. Fortune’s Yellowtail is harvested wild off southern California and both coasts of Baja California. Adult Yellowtail. Jacks feed on herring, sardines, squid and anchovies giving the fish a higher fat content than the farm raised variety. This fish is known for both sushi and grilling applications. The color of the flesh and fat content vary with their diet and the water temperature. Most wild fish have a high fat content, and a buttery clean taste that is excellent for sushi. The fillet structure and texture of a leaner wild fish resembles that of Mahi Mahi and are often used in similar cooking applications. The cooked meat is white and firm with a sweet, mild flavor. Wild Yellowtail Jacks are highly migratory fish that primarily school in large numbers following near shore bait and temperature gradients from May through September. Yellowtail are ferocious fighters on hook and line fishing gear, however, their tight schooling nature allows for a percentage of this harvest to also be caught by hand drawn gill nets. The population of this fast growing fish continues to be very strong on both sides of the Baja.

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