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Tuna, Kumabachi

Kumabachi is Fortune's ULT Tuna program, consisting of Bigeye Tuna caught by longline and SuperFrozen at sea.  SuperFrozen technology was discovered by the medical industry in the late 1960’s.  When tissues are frozen to -76°F all cellular activity stops.  No bacteria grows, no lactic acid is produced and the fish is prevented from going through rigor mortis.  80% of tuna consumed in Japan is frozen by this technique.  The tuna are gilled, gutted and in the freezer within an hour of being brought aboard the boat.  Depending on size, the fish are fully frozen to the core within 8-24hr.  This technique provides a consistent product year round without any waste.  There is 100% yield because the fish is sold as Japan SA grade tuna loin with the blood line and skin removed.  

Bigeye Tuna, known simply as Ahi in Hawaii, is similar in appearance to Yellowfin Tuna.  The Bigeye has a plump body with larger head and eyes.  Adult Bigeye Tuna are the deepest dwellers of all tuna species, therefore they typically have a higher fat content than Yellowfin Tuna.  Bigeye is the second most revered tuna species for sashimi and sushi in Japan after Bluefin Tuna. 



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