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Collins Caviar

Michigan City, Indiana

In 1985 Carolyn and Rachel Collins, a mother and daughter team, taught themselves how to make fresh caviar by hand, with roe from the Great Lakes fish they themselves had caught. With the support of the Chicago culinary community and a resounding, instantaneous demand from restaurant chefs, they decided to launch their company. The creative pair discovered a way to infuse the delicate, low-salt caviar with all-natural flavors featuring fruits, chilies, truffles and more. They also began cold-smoking the caviar with a blend of Midwestern fruit-woods. Almost three decades later, Collins Caviar remains avant-garde in the industry, and has loyal fans across the U.S.

Whitefish Caviar

93600040 · 1 oz. 
93600085 · 4 oz. 

Salmon Caviar

93600200 · 1 oz. 
93600245 · 4 oz. 

Smoked Chicago Golden

93600680 · 1 oz. 
93600720 · 4 oz.

Gravlax Caviar

93600800 · 1 oz. 

Collins Smoked Caviar Creme Spread

Consists of richly smoked Whitefish caviar and tiny, bright coral bits of Lobster roe folded into buttery, whipped cream cheese with chopped green onion
93601940 · UPC 834170002966 · 6 oz.

Collins Caviar Creme Spread 

Made with Collin's Caviar Citron™, fresh chopped chives and a dash of lemon juice blended into the light, fluffy cream cheese based spread.
93601980 · UPC 834170002973 · 6 oz.


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