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The coast is our human connection to the sea. It is the first place we dip our toes before heading out for a swim, our favorite view from any chair and a symbol of safety and comfort for those that have been out at sea. Coastal Seafood captures those feelings with their hand-selected, fully traceable and sustainable seafood products. 


Coastal value-added gourmet products are handmade using only the highest quality ingredients




Cajun Krab

A combination of imitation crab meat, premium cream cheese, cheddar cheese sauce and zesty Cajun spices

80900100 · UPC 819360022870 · 6/8 oz.



Super Crab

Premium blue crab spread made with wild-caught Indonesian blue crab blended with mayonaise, cracker crumbs, bell peppers, spices and mirin for a slight zip.

80900120 · UPC 819360022887 · 6/8 oz.

Smoked Trout

Fresh premium smoked rainbow trout combined with cream cheese, sour cream and a special blend of spices make this spread delectable. 

80900160 · UPC 819360022900 · 6/8 oz.

Smoked Salmon

Fresh premium smoked salmon combined with cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise and a special blend of spices make this dip irresistable. 

80900180 · UPC 819360022917 · 6/8 oz.


Cocktail Sauce

This zesty sauce contains red ripe tomatoes, fresh grated horseradish root and a blend of spices. 

80900140 · UPC 819360022894 · 6/8 oz.
80900145 · 1 gal.

Oven Ready Trays


Crab Mac & Cheese

Handmade Crab Mac & Cheese includes Indonesian blue crab meat from a Fishery Improvement Project and sustainably sourced imitation crabmeat.

80901300 · 819360023327 · 12/9.5 oz.

Salmon Oscar en Croute

A woven French pastry puff tops BAP certified Atlantic Salmon , Indonesian blue crab meat from a Fishery Improvement Project, asparagus and a mashed potato base.

80901310 · 819360023334 · 12/13.5 oz.

Seafood Fettuccine

Handmade Seafood Fettuccine includes BAP certified shrimp, Indonesian blue crab meat and sustainably sourced imitation crab meat.  

80901320 · 819360023310 · 12/10.5 oz.

Shrimp & Grits

Handmade Shrimp and Grits is loaded with BAP certified shrimp, a cheddar cheese sauce and southern style grits.

80901330 · 819360023377 · 12/8.5 oz.

Seafood Lasagna

Handmade Seafood Lasagna includes layers of BAP certified shrimp, Indonesain blue crab meat, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce between lasagna noodles.

80901430 · 819360023303 · 12/10.5 oz.

Swordfish Florentine

Sustainably caught swordfish sits atop this spinach and mozzerella cheese dish.  

80901350 · 819360023358 · 12/10 oz.




Crab Cakes

Tender Indonesian blue crab meat crabcakes packed full of flavor without any fillers

80901420 · 100/1oz.
80901440 · 36/3.5 oz.

Oyster Rockefeller

Spinach, cheeses and cracker crumbs atop plump oysters, ready to bake

80901400 · 48/1.5 oz.


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