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Conservas Ortiz


This family owned cannery in the Basque Country has been inspiring chefs for over 100 years. Their commitment to sustainable fishing, artisan methods, and outstanding flavor set them apart and make them a model for the seafood industry.

Brown Anchovies - Anchoas

Ortiz sources anchovies from the Bay of Biscay, where fisherman use fishery-friendly purse seine nets to catch the small fish. They are then placed in salt, pressed, and left to mature in barrels. The length of time that they are left to mature in the storeroom is one of the factors which affect the intensity of flavor and texture of the anchovies. Ortiz anchovies are matured for at least six months. Once they reach the required maturity, they are hand-filleted and packed in olive oil.

S1320070 · EAN 8411320105108 · In Olive Oil · Glass Jar · 15/3.5 oz.
S1320085 · EAN 8411320105276 · In Olive Oil · Tin · 50/1.67 oz.
S1320095 · EAN 8411320114698 · Salted Anchovies · Bag · 12/3.52 oz.
S1320130 · EAN 8411320101919 · In Olive Oil, Reserva · Tin · 6/15 oz.
S1320170 · EAN 8411320103029 · Great Anchovies · Tray · 15/2.64 oz. 

White Anchovies - Boquerones

Anchovy fillets marinated in vinegar. A typical preparation is to fry these in a bit of olive oil and serve with potato chips. Combine brown and white anchovies for a "matrimonio".

S1320010 · EAN 8411320895009 · Tub · 4/1.55 lb
S1320045 · EAN 8411320895023 · Retail Trays ·  12/2.7 oz

White Tuna - Bonito del Norte (Albacore Tuna)

Bonito del Norte is considered by Spaniards the finest of tunas. Spanish fisherman pole catch large fish one at a time with live bait during the peak summer season in the Cantabrian Sea. The tuna is filleted by hand, and the white meat in tantalizing large chunks bears no comparison to American style canned tuna. Matured for a minimum of 6 months and preserved in olive oil for outstanding flavor and moisture retention.

S1320190 · EAN 8411320231104 · Albacore Tuna Loin in Olive Oil · Tin · 8/5 lb
S1320220 · EAN 8400320261101 · Albacore Tuna Flakes in Olive Oil · Tin · 8/4 lb
S1320255 · EAN 686412282984 · Albacore Tuna Loin in Olive Oil · Glass Jar · 12/7.76 oz.
S1320285 · EAN 8411320234006 · Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil · Oval Tin · 12/3.95 oz.
S1320310 · EAN 8411320234310 · Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil · Round Tin · 50/3.5 oz.

Ventresca, known in sushi bars as toro or simply tuna belly, ventresca is the fattiest and most flavorful part of the Albacore Tuna. Each fish yields only one of these lusciously marveled pieces- a rare bite for the true connoisseur.

S1320340 · EAN 8411320239001 · Albacore In Olive Oil · 24/3.88 oz


Bonito Reserva de la Familia

The Bonito Reserva de la Familia label is for Albacore Tuna that has been matured for over one year- the lengthy curing in high end olive oil provides an added depth of flavor that makes this tuna a luxury that Spaniards cherish for holidays and special occasions.

S1320370 · EAN 8411320235003 · Bonito Reserva de Familia · Tin · 24/3.95 oz.

Albacore Tuna Stuffed Piquillo Peppers

S1320395 · EAN 8411320809718 · Tin · 20/4.9 oz.

Yellowfin Tuna 

S1320475 · EAN 8411320382967 · Glass Jar · 24/3.88 oz.

Mussels In Escabeche

These meaty and tender mussels come from the Ria de Arosa, the most famous shellfish roducing area of Spain, and are processed on site for maximum freshness.  The sauce is a delicious blend of olive oil, vinegar bay leaf and paprika.

S1320465 · EAN 8432920804031 · Tin · 12/3.87 oz.


Sardinas a la Antigua are cleaned by hand, fried and then hand-packed in olive oil.

S1320400 · EAN 8411320801055 · Tin · 20/4.9 oz.
S1320435 · EAN 8411320801000 · Glass Jar · 12/3.87 oz.


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