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Caviar Star is the main brand for Great Atlantic Trading Inc., importer-exporter of caviar and other specialty food items. Since the start of our company on the wharves of Portland, Maine, in 1991, they have reliably supplied distributors, wholesalers, chefs, and retail customers with the finest selection of caviar, truffles, escargots, oils, vinegar, and other specialties. They are a family company, managed and operated by a family of 4 and a handful of wonderful team members.



Rainbow Trout Roe

This roe, from the finest farm-raised European rainbow trout, produces a pristine caviar with a mild and delicate flavor. The vibrant orange, medium size grains of our trout roe exude a crisp, briny tang.  Product of France and Denmark, fresh, non-pasteurized.

93100050 · 2 oz.
93100060 · 7 oz.



Smoked Rainbow Trout Roe

This cold-smoked trout caviar is made from fresh trout roe that has been seasoned with sea salt and lightly smoked with natural apple and cherry wood or Bourbon barrel wood stave chips, creating one of the most incredible palate-pleasers. The roe is processed and stored in a cold-smoke environment of near freezing temperatures so that it infuses slowly and safely without overpowering the natural flavor of the eggs, but still leaves a lasting impression on the palette.  Product of Spain, fresh, non-pasteurized.

93100100 · 2 oz.
93100110 · 7 oz.


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