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Fermin Iberico Fresh Meat-Spain


Iberico de Bellota pork is fresh pork produced from Iberico pigs, the famous black pigs indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula.  Iberico de Bellota is the highest quality fresh pork available.  Fermin is a family owned firm based in La Alberca in Salamanca. Since 1956, when patriarch Fermin Martin founded the company, the Martin family has been raising and slaughtering pigs to produce best pork products possible.  The arrival of the famed Iberico ham and pork products is the culmination of a ten year effort by the Fermin Company to be the first company to obtain USDA approval for export to the USA.  Fermin is the leader in Iberico de Bellota husbandry and production.

Ibérico Pork

J3110010 · Collar · 1.5 lb.
J3110160 · Secreto · 1 lb.


J3110430 · Back Fat
J3110850 · Bacon · 18/8 oz. Sliced
J3110820 · Mangro Trimming · 10 lb.
J3110640 · Pork Chuletero
J3110370 · Pork Loin, Boneless


J3110760 · Smoked Pancetta · 18/8 oz. Sliced
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