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Heritage Berkshire

Sioux City, Iowa
Heritage Berkshire is the nation’s leader in producing the most tender, juicy, natural pork the world has to offer. Also known as “Kurobuta,” Heritage Berkshire products are derived from pure 100% Berkshire bred hogs, which are never cross-bred with any other breed. Heritage Berkshire is a vertically integrated company which controls animal genetics and breeding, delivers consistent feed rations to the producing farms and promotes proper handling and welfare of each animal, just to name a few.
We encourage you to experience Heritage Berkshire Pork and we’re confident that you will agree that this is in fact “The World’s Best Tasting Pork.”

Sakura Pork

After Heritage's success with Berkshire pork they began offering Sakura Pork.  These hogs are raised on family owned, local Midwest farms and come initially from Duroc bred hogs.  The Durocs were a breed to the United States from Europe in the early 1800s and then cross bred with New York Jersey hogs.  The meat quality is well recognized as superior in the United States and the farms raising the Sakura Pork for Heritage follows strict feed and farm management control programs to further result in consistent and superior quality meat.
From birth, Sakura Pork hogs are always and only fed an all-vegetarian diet using a wholesome mixture of locally grown corn and soybeans and are never given growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics in the feed.  The hogs are raised in evironmentally-sustainable facilities that reduce stresses to the hogs, resulting in superior quality meat.
J1700050 · Whole Loin Bone-In · 20 lb.
J1700100 · Pork Rack 8 Bone Chine Off · 7.5 lb.
J1700130 · Pork Rack 8 Bone Frenched Chine Off · 6 lb. 
J1700230 · Boneless Pork Loin Center Cut Strap On · 10 lb.
J1700280 · Pork Tenderloin · 4.5 lb.
J1700380 · Pork Back Rib · 2 lb.
J1701050 · Whole Pork Shoulder Bone-In · 16 lb.
J1701150 · Pork Shoulder Butt Bone In · 9 lb. 
J1701180 · Pork Shoulder Butt Bone Out · 8 lb.
J1700510 · Pork St. Louis Style Spare Rib · 2.5 lb.
J1700610 · Pork Belly Single Rib · 10 lb. 
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