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Cultivated Mushrooms

Our cultivated mushrooms are meticulously sourced from local farms in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Our Shiitake is Certified Organic, and harvested earlier than other commercially raised Shiitake to produce a firmer, tighter, more rounded cap. Our Oysters have a beautiful velvet-like texture and strong abalone flavor, while our Criminis continue to be a staple in any kitchen, allowing us to be a one-stop shop for meat and mushrooms alike.

Exotic Mushrooms

All our exotic mushrooms are grown domestically, are 100% Certified Organic, and are brought in several times per week. Grown in recycled glass jars or blocks, each variety has its own harvesting room with a specific temperature and humidity. Using smaller growing mediums and removing the core and substrate helps create a compact cluster that is high-yielding and perfect for portioning.


Wild Mushrooms

We work exclusively with trusted foragers in key production regions throughout the world to provide the freshest seasonal wild mushrooms available. All our wild mushrooms are selected and bulk packed in each country of origin, with very specific handling and quality standards. They are then checked for quality and resorted in-house for our chef-friendly 2 lb. cases.



We source only the highest quality White, Winter Black, Burgundy, and Summer Truffles. Our long-lasting relationships with farms and foragers ensure consistent quality, and importing truffles multiple times a week from France, Italy, Spain, Eastern Europe, and Australia guarantees maximum freshness. When not in season, we provide canned truffle juice and slices, plus frozen truffles, all preserved at peak ripeness

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