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Green Circle Turkey

D’Artagnan’s Green Circle program revives the methods of family farms from over a century ago, when poultry ate vegetable scraps while roaming freely in farmyards and pasture. Inspired by that common-sense, waste-nothing philosophy, our Green Circle turkeys are raised on a diet of locally collected vegetables and trimmings. We protect our

environment by saving these vegetables and turning them into nutritious feed. By combining the wisdom of the past with the best practices of the present, we raise tastier birds and contribute to a better world. Seasonal Availability.


Heritage Turkeys

D’Artagnan Heritage Turkeys are from Bourbon Red and Standard Bronze stock, which are original, slow-growing breeds that have largely been replaced in modern agriculture. Raised in a sustainable environment, they feed on a diet of native grasses, and seeds, with no hormones used. Each bird is processed by hand to ensure quality. The result is a superbly clean bird that yields a naturally firm and moist meat with authentic turkey flavor. Seasonal Availability.


Geese and Capon

D’Artagnan capon and geese are humanely raised on small family farms in the Midwest. Both our free-range capons and geese enjoy an all-vegetarian diet of wholesome grains and fresh, pure spring water. They are the perfect alternative to turkey for holiday meals. Seasonal availability only.


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