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Smoked & Cured

All of our dry-cured meats are ready-to-eat, and shelf-stable. They begin with meat that is raised without antibiotics or hormones and are handmade in small batches, naturally, without nitrites, nitrates, or preservatives. Our smoked meats are made using real woodchips, never liquid smoke, for authentic smoky flavor. There is no added water in the curing process, and all products are naturally shaped, never pressed.


Pâté & Mousse

Our coarse country-style pâtés and smooth, silky mousses were inspired by recipes from Southwest France. Using humanely raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free meats, we developed exclusive recipes that do not rely on additives, preservatives or fillers.


Spanish Ham

We offer three styles of Spanish air-cured hams, crafted by fourth generation maestro jamoneros - literally "masters of ham"- who oversee curing rooms at high altitudes in fresh, clean mountain air in central-northern Spain. Their techniques marry the best of tradition with the latest in technology. We offer a variety of whole legs as well as pre-sliced products packaged for retail.



D’Artagnan Deli meats are made by artisans using only our high quality, antibiotic and hormone-free raw materials. They are free from any artificial ingredients or preservatives and contain no nitrites or nitrates. From Wagyu Roast Beef to Smoked Turkey to our all-natural Berkshire Pork Hams, D’Artagnan raises the bar in premium deli meat.

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