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Domestic Angus Beef

Our beef comes from a small cooperative of ranches that are strictly committed to the most natural, humane, and sustainable animal practices. We believe that responsible farmers create responsible beef, which is good for people and the environment. No antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products are allowed. This ensures our beef develops as nature intended, producing spectacular results in flavor, marbling, and texture. The care they take is evident in the taste of this incredible beef.


Vintage Australian Grass-Fed Beef

D’Artagnan is elated to offer this high-quality grass-fed beef from Australia, in partnership with a sixth-generation family-run meat business. Their cooperative of small ranches is fully committed to sustainable and ethical practices, nurturing the cattle in a stress-free, humane environment. Raising cattle to full maturity in pristine, remote locations with vast pastures and fresh ocean breezes –proven to be the cleanest air in the world – creates premium beef with unique, full flavor, lush texture and consistent quality.


Domestic Wagyu Beef

D’Artagnan American Wagyu Beef is humanely raised on small family ranches, where they spend most of their lives on open pastureland. These cattle are then finished in the traditional Japanese way with a regulated diet of 7 wholesome grains that encourage the Wagyu cattle’s natural propensity to develop intense marbling. This marbling results in exquisite taste and tenderness and is the hallmark of Wagyu beef.


Japanese Wagyu Beef

D’Artagnan’s famed Japanese beef is raised by Japanese beef masters who have developed protocols which, like many things in Japan, have been taken to the level of art. A network of farmers in southern Japan raise the Black Kuroge cattle to exacting specifications and take the concept of a “small farm” to the extreme. Many raise only four Wagyu cattle at a time, which means the cattle receive a lot of attention and personalized care.


French Veal

Imported, French, milk-fed veal is arguably the best-tasting veal available on the market. All our calves are weaned naturally on their mother’s milk for 14 days before being introduced to formula. Our veal comes from a cooperative of small-scale veal farms in Southwest France that raise Charolais, Limousin, and other cross-breeds of cattle (known for meat, not dairy) and follow the stringent European Union 5 Freedoms system to provide the best environment for the calves, which are never tethered and are antibiotic- and hormone-free.



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